BBB Warns Job Seekers about Safe Asset Keepers, LLC

February 21, 2018

BBB advises prospective job seekers to avoid contact with Safe Asset Keepers, LLC. It is a scam that targets job seekers who have posted their resumes online.

The scam

Safe Asset Keepers, LLC claims that they are London, UK based escrow company in need of an “Escrow Manager.” A supervisor calling herself Libby Harris usually initiates contact with victims via email, but has also used phone text message. BBB has discovered that Safe Asset Keepers is not located at the address shown on their website and all attempts to contact the business have failed. Their websites were created on Jan 8th and 9th of 2018 and registered to another false address.

How the scam works

Once the target agrees to take the Escrow Manager position, Safe Asset Keepers, LLC wires money into the newly hired Escrow Manager’s account and has them forward the bulk of the funds to a third party. Once the money is forwarded, the bank discovers that the funds were fraudulent and deducts the balance from the “Escrow Manager’s” account, leaving them on the hook for any money forwarded.

BBB has been contacted by several victims of this scam who have lost as much as $5000.

What you can do

When dealing with this scam or others like it.

  • Don’t wire money. Employers will not ask you to set up a bank account in your name. They definitely won’t ask you to wire all of the money out of it, either. Account managers handle bank accounts for the business. Businesses do not dictate how to handle your account.

  • Talk to your bank. Bank tellers see more fraud than any other profession and can help you navigate through the best options.

  • Warn others. File a complaint or submit a Scam Tracker report with the BBB and Federal Trade Commission. You may also wish to file a complaint with the CFPB. Even if you don’t hear back from consumer protection agencies, they might be working behind the scenes to stop the scam and get refunds for victims.

If you think you’ve been contacted by a scam, report it to the BBB through Scam Tracker at