BBB Secure Your ID Shred Day

September 25, 2017

shred eventIf you have documents you need to dscard, shred them! Protecting your identity is largely in your own hands.

The first rule of ID Protection is: if you don’t need it, destroy it - responsibly.

BBB of Kansas City & AARP have partnered to help you shred unwanted documents, receipts, and personal information by hosting Secure Your ID Day. The event will offer FREE on-site document shredding.

LIMIT of 2 banker size boxes or 2 kitchen trash bags. Please limit documents for shredding to under 40 lb.

When: October 14th from 9AM to 12PM

Where: One Hallbrook Plaza, 11150 Overbrook, Leawood, KS. (Enter from College Blvd.)

BBB hosts shred events all across North America and has destroyed millions of pounds of personal documents at Secure Your ID events. BBB encourages good ID Theft prevention habits. Find out more about ID Theft at