BBB Alerts Consumers about F-Rated My Gold Plug LLC

December 06, 2016

The Better Business Bureau is issuing an alert about an F-rated business in the area called My Gold Plug LLC. The BBB has received 13 complaints on My Gold Plug since Sept. 6, 2016. The company has failed to respond to any complaint. Customer complaints generally allege non-delivery of merchandise and an inability to obtain refunds. Additionally, the business website has multiple advertising issues. The BBB attempted to contact My Gold Plug about the complaints and advertising issues, but the business did not respond.


My Gold Plug LLC  is registered in the state of Missouri by Nick Guadagnano. The website lists a Gladstone, MO residence as its address. Guadagnano is a self-described affiliate marketing strategist who previously ran a business called Custom Funnels, a business designed to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to funnel online traffic to their websites. My Gold Plug LLC has a minor online presence outside of Facebook, where it is aggressively marketed.


Among the advertising issues that the BBB found on the website ( was a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. According to the Federal Trade Commission’s guide for internet advertising, ads that offer guaranteed satisfaction or money-back guarantees “must be willing to give full refunds for any reason” and “must tell the consumer the terms of the offer.” The BBB has heard from many dissatisfied customers who have not received refunds.


The BBB compared My Gold Plug’s prices to the prices of identical merchandise sold by Amazon and Ebay stores and found that My Gold Plug charges as much as 300% of competitor prices. illustrates prices in close proximity to slashed prices in a way that may cause consumers to believe they are saving money. The slashed price is not labeled to tell consumers if it’s a sale price, manufacturer suggested retail price or competitor price. The BBB found no evidence that the merchandise was ever sold at the higher price.


The website creates a sense of urgency when purchasing items. It claims that only a few items remain in stock and then quickly reduces the number to “Only 1 left in stock.”  Repeatedly visiting the website can reset the number of items listed in inventory. It does not appear that the counter accurately reflects the merchandise in the company’s inventory. It could mislead consumers who think they will miss out on the sale of the product. The BBB has not seen items on the site drop below “only 1 left in stock.”


In multiple letters, the BBB has asked Guadagnano to resolve customer complaints and address these advertising issues that violate the BBB Code of Advertising. The Better Business Bureau has not received a response. The BBB advises caution when dealing with My Gold Plug LLC.