Keep Your Loved Ones Safe from Schemes: Tips for Caring for Elderly

August 12, 2014

Do you take care of or assist an elderly loved one? Taking care of a loved one can be a tough responsibility as parental and child roles change. If you are in this role, Better Business Bureau® Serving Central Indiana provides tips for what to ask and look for to help ensure your loved ones aren’t falling victim to a scheme.

Elderly people are often targets for schemers because they may not understand the ways schemers can trick them into giving up important information. Here is what to be on the lookout for and general advice:

  • Be familiar with all your elderly relative’s bank accounts and watch for large sums of checks or withdrawals that have been taken out and given to unfamiliar names.
  • Are their phone calls secretive and seem out of place? Try to find out what is happening.
  • Have you noticed that suddenly bills can’t be paid or food or other necessities can’t be bought?
  • Explain junk mail and who telemarketers are. Discuss the best approach to these situations. Visit to find more information about signing up for the Mail Preference Service.
  • Encourage your relatives to add their phone number to the Attorney General’s Do Not Call List by calling 1.888.834.9969 or filling out this form here.
  • Encourage your loved one not to give out personal information if they did not initiate the call. Don’t deal with people you don’t know even if they use information that can seem like they know you such as your first name or other identifiable information.
  • Talk to your loved ones about recent schemes. If they receive a call or email asking them to “rescue” someone or bail someone out of jail in a foreign country, encourage them to hang up before they give out any information.
  • Encourage them not to carry their Social Security card or birth certificate. Keep them hidden in a secure location.

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