Educational Consumer Tips


Author: Better Business Bureau

For regulations concerning intrastate (within one state) moves in Indiana contact the Motor Carriers Division at (317) 615-7200.

Companies will offer estimates to approximate the cost of their service. Such estimates can be binding (the mover guarantees the price prior to the move) or non- binding (the mover estimates the price and provides final charges after the shipment is weighed).

Ask the mover to explain the estimate in detail, as a binding estimate may cost more than a non-binding one. Make sure the list of the items to be moved is complete and accurate. Reach a clear understanding of what the estimate is supposed to represent so that all parties are in agreement.

The BBB reminds you that an estimate is only an opinion and not a contract. Be sure to inquire about all possible charges that may be included in any services that are to be provided. Get estimates and verbal promises in writing.

Be sure to find out who takes responsibility in the event of damage to your home or property. Most movers offer various insurance options at an additional fee.