Consumer Awareness 101


Consumer debt is not only a growing social problem, but it is also a booming business. Credit card companies, pawnshops, check cashing outlets, rent-to-own stores, and low payment loans with high interest rates are making big money from people who can least afford to pay.

This is especially true in metropolitan areas like Houston with growing immigrant and minority communities who may be low-wage earners living “paycheck to paycheck.”

The Better Business Bureau Education Foundation addresses these issues by providing informative presentations and knowledge to the public on consumer issues. The key objectives of our program are to:

  • Provide information on how to handle money

  • Offer options for handling unmanageable debt

  • Advise on how to look for and avoid con artists

  • Increase understanding of basic consumer rights and dispel myths

Our goal is to help people:

  • Learn how to avoid getting ripped off

  • Understand their consumer rights

  • Discover what behaviors can lead to unmanageable debt

Armed with this knowledge, consumers can make better decisions on how to keep and spend their hard earned dollars. For more consumer information, see Alerts and Tips.

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