Air Conditioning And Heating Consumer Resource Center



Air Conditioning and Heating Consumer Resource Center

The Consumer Resource Center was created by the Houston BBB to educate the consumer with advice on how to select an air conditioning and heating provider.

The current advisory committee is comprised of representatives of four Houston BBB Accredited Businesses within this industry as well as Dan Parsons, BBB President, and Leila Perrin, BBB VP of Marketing.

We encourage you to make use of these resources in order to make informed decisions regarding air conditioning and heating services:

Helpful Links
FTC - Cooling Your Home
FTC - Energy Audits

Information Sheets
Service and Maintenance Tip Sheet
ACCA Code of Ethics 
Air Ducts 1, 2
Air Humidity 1, 2
Duct Leaks 1, 2

Regulatory Links
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)

Members of the advisory committee are also members of various industry associations such as:

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Texas Air Conditioning Contractors of AmericaHouston Air Conditioning Contractors of America

While certain BBB Accredited Businesses may be members of these associations, this does not imply that all members of the associations are BBB Accredited Businesses.

The five BBB Accredited Business Committee Members are:

  • Frank Antonucci - Church Services 
  • Jimmy Barry - Doctor Cool & Professor Heat 
  • Bob Elolf - Environmental Air Systems 
  • Peggy Ruffin - Spark A/C-Heat
  • BBB staff: Leila Perrin and Jordan Rzad

Visit our Directory of Accredited Businesses to find a BBB accredited air conditioning and heating provider. Just click the button below: