Promote Your Business


The BBB offers many programs to increase visibility for BBB Accredited Businesses, while providing much needed financial support for the BBB. Below are a few of the opportunities available. If you would like to participate, please contact Leila Perrin at unless otherwise noted.

BBB Sponsor Program
These prestigious companies go above and beyond the basic accreditation dues to support the BBB's mission. Sponsors are recognized at events, in publications, and on this Web site. This is an excellent way to brand your company as a supporter of the local community. 

Internet Marketing
The internet marketing department offers accredited businesses several opportunities to take advantage of their association with the BBB. From banner ads that get thousands of views a day to specially targeted directory placement, the BBB internet marketing department can assist in branding, growth strategy and lead generation. Contact Penny Turan at 713-341-6150 or

BBB Awards for Excellence
This prestigious annual event brings together some of the most powerful business leaders of the greater Houston area, making the BBB Awards for Excellence luncheon one of the region's premier events.  Contact for details about applying for the award and/or sponsorship opportunities.

Silver Sleuths Program
The program of the BBB Education Foundation utilizes older adult volunteers to provide education, awareness, and personalized service to seniors in our local service area. Contact Candy Twyman at for more information, or learn more on the volunteer section of this Web site.

Young Consumer Advocate Program
This Education Foundation program offers teens and young adults exciting programs to teach young people how to be smart shoppers and how to spot fraud and deceptive sales tactics. Contact Candice Twyman at for details. 

If you are interested in supporting the BBB by becoming a sponsor,
you may contact Leila Perrin for further information.