Advertising Review Services


Since 1922, the Better Business Bureau has helped the community by giving information about companies and resolving business and consumer complaints.  The Better Business Bureau has greatly expanded its services, yet Advertising Review remains one of its most fundamental and important functions.

Advertising Review is the foundation on which the Better Business Bureau system was built. Originally called Vigilance Committees, Better Business Bureaus were founded specifically to address problems with deceptive and misleading advertising.

We review advertising of all kinds (print, broadcast, billboard and electronic media) and directly contact businesses to modify, clarify or substantiate claims in advertising.  To assist advertisers in their attempt to gain customer confidence and to help avoid legal problems, the BBB has developed basic advertising guidelines.  Through our efforts we hope to help better educate businesses on how to advertise and help consumers understand what advertising may be deceptive.

We also offer a new service entitled, “Prior to Publication.”  Businesses can use the BBB’s free Prior-to-Publication program by sending their proposed advertising to a BBB representative to be checked for compliance with the BBB’s Code of Advertising.   Your ad will be reviewed for possible errors that might confuse or mislead consumers.  BBB staff understands advertising deadlines and make this service a priority. The BBB is willing to be the extra set of eyes looking over advertising before it is published or broadcast.   

The Houston BBB also offers “BBB Trademark Infringement”.  A full-time staff person protects the use of our BBB Brand.  “BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU” is a federally registered trademark owned by the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. (Reg. Nos. 566,415, 971,579 and 969,847).  The mark may only be used in limited ways by authorized users that have entered into a licensing agreement with the BBB, and may not be using in any manner that conveys sponsorship or approval.  If a company uses our BBB mark without permission, the company is contacted and asked to remove reference in question.  If you need to report a company that is using our BBB Logo/Name without authorization, please feel free to contact us at