Benefits of Accreditation


"We get quite a few calls from people interested in doing remodeling who have gone to the BBB first to look for remodeling contractors. Since we have an A+ rating it has helped us get business. Being a member of the BBB is part of our marketing plan and we will continue to use it. We have had good results from this."

Leslie King, CGR, GMB, CAPS
Greymark Construction Company

"Being Accredited with the BBB has helped our business alot. 90% of our customer have chose us because we are an accredited business. We started seeing results almost immediately. We are very proud to be associated with the BBB and would highly reccomend all business's (small and large) to join. Its the best move you could make for your business."

Ky and Shonte Spillman-Mack
Revive Cleaning Service

Benefits of BBB Accreditation

Share in the BBB’s Positive Reputation A company of any size that carries the internationally recognized BBB mark of accreditation inherits the added advantage of over 100 years of trusted goodwill in all forms of commerce. 
"The BBB is one of Queen Moving & Storage Co.'s best sources for moves and it's value continues to increase for us. The leads we get from the BBB are the best as they result in letting us work with customers who know they do not have to question our integrity and that we will perform their moves as described and priced." Chuck Boydstun Queen Moving & Storage Co. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE TESTIMONIALS


Public Confidence

You gain public trust and confidence through the BBB’s efforts in helping the public recognize that legitimate firms care about and are doing something to maintain their trust. The BBB’s job is to make sure every dollar spent in the marketplace is spent with legitimate businesses. Competitive Advantage in the Quote Process Many times the quote process is so competitive that contracts are won or lost on what would seem to be a minor detail. A BBB mark of accreditation may, in some cases, give the accredited business the advantage needed to win a contract or job. If none of your competitors are accredited, you will stand out. If all of your competitors are accredited, you are losing business. There are also examples on record of companies who only award contracts to accredited vendors. We Drive Customers To Your Business Hundreds of thousands of Houston Accredited Business Directory listings are viewed every month, linking tens of thousands of prospects to our member’s websites. Request A Quote You may use this service on the BBB website to receive requests for estimates, proposals or just general information.

Dispute Resolution Services

As a BBB Accredited Business, you will receive free mediation and arbitration services should a customer file a complaint against your company, which is far less costly than utilizing the services of an attorney. It also assures your customers that their concerns will be addressed.


The Bureau is committed to the concept of self-regulation as the healthiest for businesses and consumers. Everything the BBB does is designed to strengthen reputable businesses and, at the same time, protect the public.


BBB Hosted Web Site

Leverage the power of the internet for your business. More than ever people are using the internet to find businesses they can trust. Expose your business to these consumers with a web site hosted by the BBB. Accredited Businesses can opt to have a web page created with customized and detailed information about their company. All business pages will have the seal of accreditation along with a link to their reliability report.

Advertising Review

To encourage ‘truth in advertising,’ the BBB monitors advertising claims that may be false or misleading. This is a valuable tool for maintaining ethical standards among competitors within your industry. The BBB will also review your company’s advertising at no cost.

Better Business Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter, Better Business, keeps members informed about current BBB activities as well as articles of interest to both businesses and consumers.

Accredited BusinessHot-Line

To ensure that you receive priority service, the BBB provides our Accredited Businesses with an unlisted telephone number that can be utilized by both you and your employees. The Houston Group At certain accreditation levels, members are invited to participate in the Houston Group. The Houston Group provides the charitable giving arm of the accredited company and individuals with information and opportunity to make monetary donations to a favorite charity that meets BBB charity standards.

“Simply stated … BBB Accreditation makes good business sense.”

You may never know how many customers you’ve gained because of BBB Reliability Reports, but even one business transaction can often pay for a year’s accreditation. A recent Gallup poll showed 85% of consumers prefer to do business with a BBB Accredited Business - this may be one of your greatest assets.