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BBB Military Line offers excellent free resources just for military families. Below are our current offerings:

Money U guide MilitaryandMoney
Because of your service and sacrifices, you and your family may face unique financial challenges. McGraw-Hill and Better Business Bureau have partnered to provide information and resources to help you make smart decisions about your finances. Whether you're just starting to establish a credit and savings plan, or need help managing your family's finances during deployment, this site and our iPhone app can help you.

Kiplinger-BBB Personal Finance Guide for Military Families
Created in conjunction with financial publisher Kiplinger, this guide contains practical information about being financially prepared for deployment, buying a home, minimizing taxes and avoiding the scams that often target military families.

A salute to smart investing A Salute to Smart Investing
Learn the basics of planning for retirement and making investment decisions in this practical, easy-to-read guide. Become a savvy investor.

Veterans Handbook  New
The Veterans Handbook helps the newest generation of veterans make a smooth transition to civilian life.  The handbook explains the benefits that make higher education and home ownership accessible and discuss the practical aspects of finding a job, managing money, and investing for the future.  Written in clear language with colorful illustrations, the Handbook also lists the resources veterans can trust for reliable information.

Where Do I Go From Here?  Civilian Transition
From InCharge Debt Solutions, this guidebook is a compilation of articles by various authors intended to help military service members transition back to civilian life.

Money U®
Free to the first 500 Military Line consumers, Money U® is a venture involving the collaborative talents of the founder - a successful entrepreneur and parent of teens - and an award winning eLearning development company.  The company has no ties to the financial industry. 

Get Money Now Get More Money Now
This online guide teaches the basics of improving your credit and investing wisely. 

Defending Your Home  New
From InCharge Debt Solutions, this guidebook is a compilation of article by various authors intended to assist military service members with the most commonly faced housing issues including:
  • Understanding pros and cons of buying a home with frequent PCS moves
  • Caring for your home while deployed
  • Protecting your home from foreclosure, while deployed - your rights
  • Understanding VA loans  

financial readiness Financial Readiness Equals Mission Readiness
In these videos, Brenda Linnington, Director of the Better Business Bureaus (BBB) Military Line® explains why financial readiness is a vital part of mission readiness.