Two New Scams Circulating, Both Claiming to be Offers from Hawaiian Airlines

Residents across Hawaii are receiving special offers claiming to be from Hawaiian Airlines
April 13, 2017


Honolulu, HI – April 12, 2017: Recently two new scams have been circulating around Hawaii, both claiming to be special offers from Hawaiian Airlines.



The first scam comes in the form of a Facebook Survey. Users are claiming to have received a notice that they have won 2 free Hawaiian Airlines tickets. In order to claim the tickets users are asked to fill out a short survey which asks for a large amount of personal information, putting the recipient at risk of potential identity theft.

The URL associated with the fake ticket giveaway is Although Hawaii’s BBB is unable to verify who the exact end recipients would be for any information supplied via this giveaway, the domain is owned by a man living in Canada. This same man is the registered owner of multiple other domains, many of which appear to be deceptive and fraudulent. One of the registered domains even mimics what a standard Facebook photo and comment page would look like.


Signs that an online ticket giveaway is real –                    

  1. The company shares the offer. If the company’s official social media accounts are sharing the contest or offer, then it is legitimate. Users should be sure to look for verified social media accounts or access a company’s social media accounts only via links available on the company’s website.
  2. Official rules are prominent. Real contests will usually feature partners or other supporters and will always feature official rules in the original post or on the contest landing page.
  3. It uses current branding. A company’s logo can change over time. Outdated branding is a sure sign of a fake contest.


Signs that an online ticket giveaway is fake –

  1. Use of outdated branding. If a contest is using old branding, it is likely a fake promotion.
  2. Not hosted on the company website. If a link sends users to a website that is not the official company website or does not have any links or affiliations to the official website, then it could be a fake promotion.
  3. No official rules are available. If the contest does not have an official legal rules or website, then it is likely a scam.
  4. Entry method required. Many of the scams will ask users to complete a survey or share the promotion with a specific number of friends in order to receive the free tickets. While some promotions will give users the opportunity to share the giveaway, it will not be required for entry.


By Mail

The second scam using the Hawaiian Airlines’ brand arrives by mail. Residents across Hawaii have reported receiving notices of a pre-approval for a Hawaiian Airlines’ card. As with the online survey, the recipient will be asked to supply a large amount of personal information in order to active and use the card, again putting the recipient at risk of identity theft.

As with the online survey, anyone who receives this offer, or offers similar, should verify that the branding on the offer is correct and current. They should also contact the company to verify that the offer is actually coming from them.

Anyone who comes across this scam or others should report them using the BBB Scam Tracker.


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