Event Sponsorship - A Key To Powerful Marketing

Hoping to gain exposure, build good will, and connect with a specific audience? Of course you are!
June 23, 2014

Hoping to gain exposure, build good will, and connect with a specific audience? Of course you are! Finding opportunities to reach out, build trust and establish rapport with current and new customers is paramount to growing your business. For many small companies, finding those cost-effective marketing opportunities to bolster your business can be challenging.

Low cost by comparison and highly effective at building relationships and engagement is event sponsorship. It’s all about mixing business with some pleasure and many local events offer just the perfect opportunity to do so by reaching out to specific markets of potential consumers. Participating at local events puts eyes directly on your business, offering attendees a chance to get to know your brand, the people behind it and offer them a glimpse at your services and products.

Studies have shown that people trust a business more when they can associate a name and a person with the brand and personal interaction has always been ranked among the most effective ways for conducting business as it inspires trust.

Hawaii’s BBB tips for successful event participation

Know the audience: There are many types of events, trade shows, business dinners, networking events, lunch & learns, award ceremonies and local cuisine events. You will need to choose the events where you will be able to find potential customers interested in what you have to offer and an event that is synergistic with your business needs. 

Plan to stand out at the event: Think about what you can do to separate yourself from the crowd. Get creative, choose relevant, memorable and branded giveaways. Chat up the organizers, and pick the right people who will best represent your business at the event.

Don’t just cut a check: While it is definitely useful to represent your business at various local events, this is not enough. Events offer the chance of interacting with your customers so don’t remember to smile, be confident and open. You are there to positively represent your company and inspire trust within people by connecting with them at a personal level.

Follow up!: Just because the event is over doesn’t mean it’s time to move on. Follow up with the people you met. Collect and exchange business cards and connect with your new acquaintances online. Ask them to subscribe to your online newsletter and give away brochures so that they can keep you top of mind.  Remember that within a single event, customers may interact with multiple businesses so they might not exactly remember who was who, unless you keep in contact with them.

There are ample events for your business to participate in here in Hawaii.  They represent good opportunities that could help with developing your brand and growing your business by engaging with customers on a personal level without breaking the bank. Want to sposnor a BBB event? Check out the opportunities we have avaliable.