Scam Alert: Delta Air Lines Facebook Giveaway

July 11, 2017

Delta Air Lines Airplane

Honolulu, HI – July 11, 2017: A post has been circulating on Facebook claiming to give away two Delta Air Lines tickets in celebration of Delta’s 88th Anniversary. This is a scam, encouraging people to like and share the post, causing it spread to more people, and then fill out a survey. 

Delta Facebook

Delta Air Lines, Inc. was established in 1923, making them over 90 years old, not 88 as the post claims. The official Delta Air Lines, Inc. Facebook page has stated that the post is a scam and is asking users to report the posts to Facebook.

This scam very closely resembles the Hawaiian Airlines Scam from earlier this year. As with the Hawaiian Airlines Ticket Giveaway Scam, consumers are promised free tickets in exchange for filling out a survey with lots of personal information, placing the victim at risk for things such as identity theft.

Hawaii’s Better Business Bureau reminds consumers to be hesitant of online giveaways and to always verify with the host company that the giveaway is real.

Signs of a fake online ticket giveaway include -

  • Use of outdated branding. If a contest is using old branding, it is likely a fake promotion.
  • Not hosted on the company website. If a link sends users to a website that is not the official company website or does not have any links or affiliations to the official website, then it could be a fake promotion.
  • No official rules are available. If the contest does not have an official legal rules or website, then it is likely a scam.
  • Entry method required. Many of the scams will ask users to complete a survey or share the promotion with a specific number of friends in order to receive the free tickets. While some promotions will give users the opportunity to share the giveaway, it will not be required for entry.

Consumers should be sure to report these posts to Facebook as spam. This scam and others like it can also be reported using Hawaii’s BBB Scam Tracker.

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