Scammers claim victims missed jury duty, threaten arrest if fine not paid

November 09, 2017

Court Room

First appeared on KHON2

A Honolulu man is sharing his story after nearly getting duped by a jury duty scam.

A few weeks ago, James Chan responded to a voicemail left on his phone about what he thought was a missed jury duty summons that had turned into a warrant for his arrest.

“The thing was at the time, I had been called in for jury duty about a couple months ago,” Chan said, “but the jury duty that I was called in for was canceled. I was thinking to myself, shoot, did I make a mistake? So I thought oh gosh, I’d better take this seriously.”

Chan says the caller identified himself as Sgt. Cook from U.S. District Court, and explained in detail report numbers, laws that Chan had broken, and the consequences of jail time.

“He was very polite the whole time,” Chan said. “He called me sir. He was very patient with me. Anytime I had questions, he stopped talking and he let me speak and he repeated what I said.”

Chan was told his fine totaled $2,953.27.

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