Nearly half of Hawaii could be affected by data breach

September 13, 2017


First appeared on KITV

  The state is currently investigating the massive Equifax data breach, that could impact many island residents for months, or even years to come.

  Identity theft is a very real possibility from this data breach, but some Hawaii residents haven't even taken the first step in stopping it: finding out if their personal and private information got out.

  Nearly a week after the massive data breach at Equifax, many Hawaii residents are still worried. 

"It is definitely concerning. Hundreds of millions of people's information is up for grabs. You don't know the implications of that, and what it is going to be," said Makiki resident Emma Jacobs.

    While Equifax has not stated just how many of the 143 million Americans affected live in Hawaii, based on national percentages, it could be nearly half of the state.

   But some residents still have not checked to see if their data has been compromised, in part because of confusion after the announcement by Equifax.

"Initially, when people would go to the website they might have been alerted their identity was not involved. Equifax has now found some of the people in that case were actually involved," said Hawaii's Better Business Bureau Director of Marketing Jason Kama.

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