Beware scammers who go door to door posing as alarm companies

June 14, 2017

StreetFirst appeared on KHON2

As the summer quickly approaches, there are some things you need to look out for on the scam front.

Door-to-door sales ramp up at this time of year, and there are things you should be aware of.

Of the thousands and thousands of homes across the state, many of them have home alarms and that is an opportunity for someone to take advantage of you.

“In some cases, your local (Better Business Bureau) has received complaints of these door-to-door sales people pretending to be that alarm company that is on your lawn that you’re currently contracted with,” said Greg Dunn, CEO, Better Business Bureau Hawaii. “They pretend to be the company. They say that they are at your door to check on batteries for your alarm system, or service the alarm box, and they don’t really work for that company.”

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