About Us

Better Business Bureau Foundation of Hawaii (BBBF) is dedicated to consumer education, providing information and resources that reach thousands of consumers each year, and helping the public become better-educated buyers and donors with confidence in BBB Accredited Businesses and Charities.

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Our Mission:

To educate the public on consumer issues, to promote ethical business practices, and to assist in the resolution of marketplace disputes.


Better Business Bureau Foundation of Hawaii Purpose:

  • To Educate the general public about consumer rights and responsibilities in business dealings.
  • To assist the public in making informed choices and to promote public understanding of our economic system.
  • To act as a clearinghouse and distribution center for consumer information.
  • To provide community information to keep the donor community informed of look-alike charities.
  • To provide third-party dispute resolution services, including conciliation, mediation and arbitration services in non-judicial disputes. 
  • To provide educational opportunities to interested individuals and businesses on the value and techniques of dispute resolution.


More Information:

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