Don’t get taken by fake Yahoo customer support

The recent revelation that the accounts of all three billion Yahoo customers were hacked means scammers will be exploiting the breach. How to protect yourself below.
October 09, 2017

Yahoo recently disclosed that every single Yahoo account was hacked - three billion in all -  back in 2013. That’s triple the number it reported earlier. So now is prime time for scammers to prey on you Yahoo users.

Verizon, Yahoo’s new owner, says it discovered the scale of the breach when it bought the company in June 2017.

Yahoo has said hackers took names, email addresses and passwords, but not financial information.

If you’re worried and try calling Yahoo customer support – be aware – a lot of fake numbers come up when you search online for a phone number. BBB has discovered at least one of the fake numbers gets you to a third party company that will try to sell you computer protection.

web page showing fake Yahoo customer service

On its website, Yahoo warns that these numbers are NOT Yahoo support.

web page clip showing Yahoo customer support phone warning

Also be on the lookout for fake emails. Scammers masquerading as Yahoo may send you an email and ask you to click on links. Yahoo says real emails from the company won’t include attachments or ask you for personal information.

These are the steps Yahoo advises you take if you have an account with them:

  • Change your password.
  • Change your password and your security questions and answers for any other accounts in which you’ve used the same or similar information to your Yahoo account