AB Guide

This is your guide on how to use all of the services BBB provides.




You have earned accreditation from your BBB and joined a community of businesses who believe that ethics and integrity build a trustworthy marketplace. This guide will assist you in accessing all of the features and benefits of BBB Accreditation. If you need assistance with any of the tools, benefits or services of BBB, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


If at any time you feel you need assistance please contact your Hotline # 336-632-4978.



How to log in to your BBB Profile


1.  Go to www.BBB.org/greensboro

2.  Click “BUSINESS LOGIN” at the top of the page.

3.  Enter your email and the password provided to you in your Welcome letter.


Once logged in these options will be available to you:



 Personalize your Profile

BBB recommends you start by reviewing your profile for accuracy. Keep it updated it as your business grows or changes. You may want to;

a. upload your business logo, add photo’s or a short video,

b. download the BBB Accredited business seals to your computer, e-mail the seals to your website designer, and marketing companies

c. enter a description of your products or services,

d. state your refund or warranty policy,

e. add your social media links as additional “URL”s, so they show in your profile,

f. list your hours of operation,

g. if you service by state, county or a select service area, you can be specific,


   *Please note that any and all changes including images, will be reviewed by a BBB staff member before being approved and updated.


Advertise your BBB Accreditation


   Only BBB Accredited businesses are authorized to use the BBB seals. You may advertise your accreditation using the BBB provided Accredited Business certificates, decals and seals and/or the words “BBB Accredited Business.” You may also advertise your current rating in combination with these things or by itself.


   We encourage you to always pair the rating with either the Accredited Business seal or the words “BBB Accredited Business” so that buyers understand that you have made a commitment to ethical business practices. Please do not modify, alter, color or use statements such as: “Member”, “Registered” or “Check our record.” Always use the word “Accredited.”


   Please do not reference BBB in advertising where it appears that your product or service is preferred or endorsed by BBB. You may advertise your BBB Accreditation on business cards, stationary, contracts, bids, proposals, invoices or billings, newspapers, periodicals, billboards, posters, direct mail, uniforms, flyers, and television or radio spots. If you include your rating, be sure you can change the documents if the rating changes.


Certificates, Decals and Bid Stickers

All of these materials can be used at your place of business, trade shows and business-owned vehicles. The Bid stickers may be used on all of your local advertising. Other business have added them to their business cards, flyers, postcards, proposals and contracts. Bid Stickers are available for purchase.



Included in packet


Included in packet

Bid Stickers

Sample included in packet

500 per roll $15.00


BBB Accredited Business Seals

These seals are for traditional online marketing such as your website, social media sites, email, newsletters and more!


    Print Media

    1. To get the traditional print seal first you need to go to "Download Accredited Business Seals"

    2. Click the "Click Here for your Accredited Business Seals for Print"

    3. The seals will be automatically downloaded to your computers download folder. Look for a zip file named current ab seals.





     Digital Media  

    You may display the BBB Dynamic seal on your website and if permitted, sites where you advertise such as Facebook, LinkedIn and also email signatures. The seal must include the html code. If the seal is installed properly, there will be an option for the consumer to click the seal to your profile.


1. To begin select: "Click Here for your Online Seal”, or copy & paste the following link to your address bar www.bbb.org/online/business/dynamicseal.aspx

2. Enter your company Id# (also provided in your welcome letter), then select the Greensboro location. 

3. Choose the options you prefer. Scroll down and continue to select until the html code and seal image has been generated.

4. Copy and paste the html code and the seal generated to your website or forward to your website manager.


Get Customer Reviews


Customer reviews gives your customers the opportunity to share their experiences with your business. Ask your customers to go to your profile and leave a BBB review.


1. After submitting a Customer Review for consideration, the reviewer receives an automated e-mail in order to validate their Customer Review. If your customer doesn't verify through the confirmation email we will be unable to post the review.

2. BBB then sends the review to the business by email, you may also log into your account and view them as well.

3. The business then has the option to submit a response or challenge the reviewer.

4. The review will be posted 3-10 business days after the review is submitted.

5. If there is an exchange between the business and reviewer, it will be reviewed and potentially posted.





Google SES (Ads)


The Google SES program is another way to market your business using Google. The BBB Google link appears in the sponsored link section, near the top, on page 1 of Google. Again providing you with the visibility and exposure you’re looking for. Categories are limited by industry and space available.




Suggestions on How to Handle Consumer Complaints


A customer with a problem may be angry or irrational. Don’t take it personally. Take control and be professional in all dealings with the public. Follow these steps to keep customers happy and keep them coming back!


Respond Professionally

In Short, this sentence means one thing - Solve the Problem. Apologize for the inconvenience and get on your way to resolving the problem. What matters to the customer is that you are willing and able to handle the problem presented to you. Don’t make the company look bad... Make everyone look great by being productive and proactive. If a situation warrants further investigation or action, that is another matter, don’t bring the customer into it.



A customer with a complaint may be angry and can expect resistance. By sympathizing you can defuse the situation. Statements such as “I understand how you feel,” or “I can see how you are upset by this” are often great phrases. Acknowledge the customer’s feelings without agreeing with their position. A friendly, open, non-defensive attitude lets the customer know how important they are to you.



Be sincere in expressing regrets that the customer has been inconvenienced or disappointed. Now state the company position. Ask questions to find out if the customer understands company policy. If adjustments are in order, make them quickly, and cheerfully. If no adjustment is due, explain the company policy to the customer. If the company is at fault, admit it quickly and show your willingness to correct the error. If the error is the customer’s, allow him to save face. Remember, the purpose is to bring them back.



The customer has expected resistance and is afraid you’ll do nothing about the problem. Fear must be eliminated before they can speak reasonably with you. “Mr. Customer, I am sure we can fix this for you,” or “Mr. Customer, we’ll do all we can.”


Get the Facts

People with complaints often generalize. They may start off saying that everything was bad, when in fact, only part of the transaction may have caused the problem. Ask questions, listen without interruption or argument, and re-state your understanding by paraphrasing what you just heard. See the customer’s point of view.


Rebuild Our Reputation

After apology, remind the customer that our company successfully deals with hundreds (thousands) of customers every year. Remind them that we have built a good reputation based on service and dedication to our customers. Let them know we appreciate them and are able to correct the problem.


Thank the Customer

Make the customer feel good. By now they’re a little embarrassed that they’ve created such a fuss. If they go away feeling that they’ve made a mountain out of a molehill, they may never come back. Be sure that you take the opportunity to thank them for the constructive criticism and allow them to save face. 



Additional Benefits and Services


Monthly Newsletter

BBB Accredited Business receive tips, news and alerts on the latest frauds and scams as well as information about upcoming BBB programs and services, new accredited businesses, and so much more.


Secure Your ID Day!

Twice a year, powered by Whole Foods and Shred-it, BBB hosts FREE identy theft prevention to you and the community.  


Attend a Networking Event

BBB hosts several events throughout the year such as our After-Hours Socials, Annual Golf outing and our Annual Meeting & Torch Awards Recognition.


Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics

BBB recognizes local BBB Accredited businesses for their commitment to ethical behavior and personal integrity.


Donna Easter Student Ethics Award

BBB recognizes high school students for their commitment to ethical behavior and personal integrity. In 2016 BBB Serving Central NC awarded $17,500.00 in scholarships to local students.



We provide you with access to arbitration services if necessary.  This could save you hundreds in legal fees and keep your company out of the court system.


Report A Scam to ScamTracker

Did you get an offer that sounds like a scheme or fraud? Tell us about it. Help us investigate and warn others by reporting what you know.


BBB Military Line

This program has been established for military consumers and their families. The mission is to bring consumer education, BBB services, and advocacy to a population that is known to be targeted by scams and unethical business practices.



This service is to assist in resolving your lemon law complaint, and you don’t even have to hire a lawyer.


Charity Review

The Wise Giving Guide is published three times a year to help donors make more informed giving decisions.


Our Service Area

Alamance County, Caswell County, Guilford County, Randolph County, Rockingham County as well as the City of Thomasville.