3 ways reviews help you get more business

97% of consumers say they’ve read an online review in the last year.

This startling stat shows reviews help potential customers decide if they’re going to choose you – or your competition.

With findings discovered by Yext, a company that coordinates business listing information, we’re going to show you 3 ways reviews can help you get more business.
#1: Reviews influence customer decisions
Which mechanic would you choose?39% of consumers say you need at least 3 starsConsumers don't want to see 5 star reviews Which hotel did you choose? It's not all about the starsResponding to reviews can improve your rating#2: Reviews driver better business decisions Customers' words are a goldmine of information #3: Reviews increase traffic and sales The number of reviews you have does matter



Mobile marketing – what you need to know for 2018

If you had any doubts, the stats you’re about to read underscore a truth – reaching your customers on their smartphones and tablets has to be a big part of your overall marketing strategy.

In seven short graphics, we’ll show who is consuming what - and where and we’ll give you some steps to help you compete and grow your business. Thanks to Filmora for pulling together the data.

 More people use their smartphones and tablets to go online than they do their desktops

People use their phones the most to go online, followed by their desktop 

The younger the person, the more they use their mobile device to go online 

Video made up 69% of all consumer traffic online in 2017

Now what should you do?

Make sure you've got mobile response capabilities

Focus on video content first

Only 1 in 4 consumers say they completely trust the companies they do business with.

Are you one of the completely trusted companies? Are you sure? Are you really sure? We have some new research that can help you #StartwithTrust.

Actions speak louder than words

After a two-year survey of consumers, BBB came up with five ways you can show current and potential customers they can trust you --- we call them the 5 Gestures of TrustSM.

Learn about the 
5 Gestures of TrustSM as well as a few easy ways to put them into practice.

 Graphic explaining consumers definition of being honest

Graphic describing how businesses can be transparent and engender trust

Graphic telling businesses how to proactive and gain consumers trust

Graphic for businesses explaining how being humble builds trust

Graphic explaining how businesses can equitable

Put the 5 Gestures of TrustSM into practic. 

Whether you’re a big or small business, there’s never enough time in the day – we feel it too! But at your next staff meeting or the next time you get a complaint or less than glowing review thinking about these 5 Gestures. If you tweaked a few things, your next review may call you a “delight” and make you one of those trusted businesses.



How are you losing the trust of current and potential customers?

Let’s face it - even the best business can make mistakes. A new BBB/Nielsen study shows how you handle the mistakes matters the most. It impacts your reviews which the study shows heavily influences potential customers. And it can determine if a current customer will keep coming back. The good news – most will if you master customer service.

The BBB Trust Sentiment IndexSM gives you a roadmap for how to build trust before your potential customer does business with you and how to keep the trust with current customers.

We break it down for you in six easy steps.