New BBB Research on Consumer Trust Highlights Need for Positive Customer Experiences and Business Ethics

The new BBB Trust Sentiment Index uses Nielsen data to look at consumers’ experiences with businesses
October 02, 2017

When you do business with a company for the first time, do you start with trust or skepticism? What influences how you feel? These are the types of questions BBB sought the answers to in a new study conducted with Nielsen. The result, the BBB Trust Sentiment Index, measures consumer experience on a trust scale that begins at 0 (start skeptical) and ends at 100 (start with trust).

The full report, which is available at, includes data on the average Trust Sentiment, broken down by age and gender. It highlights other key findings about trust, such as the importance of customer reviews, the effect of customer service, and the impact of price. All of these factors contribute to one’s Trust Sentiment.

This new data is instrumental in underlining the importance of honesty, integrity, and ethics in business. To learn more about the report, please visit A full copy of the report and its findings can be found here.