Below are some consumers and businesses we've helped recently and who have taken the time to thank us in writing.

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"Since joining the BBB, my business has exploded beyond my wildest dreams. My painting company, has work for the rest of the year!! To a contractor, that's more precious than gold. Thank you, BBB, for helping a small business explode!!"
     Chris C.

"I wanted to personally thank you for taking the time and making the effort to present your program to San Ramon Rotary 2 weeks ago. I have talked to a couple fellow Rotarians...they were impressed with what the BBB is doing and really appreciated the infor, data, and handouts."
     Mark H.

"I was jipped by a legal, foreign tv box that costs $300 and worked for all of two months. When I contacted the supplier, we were given the opportunity to throw in another $50 for an upgrade. Well that wasn't going to happen so we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Here are eight months later and the company responds to the BBB complaint and promptly sends us a new box. Thank goodness that there is a consumer advocate like BBB that actually get things done for the little guy."
     Lemb B.

"Your company has established the trust of the consumer, and allows them to choose a company that best fits their needs based on their ratings and reviews. As a newer business, that is huge for me and gives the consumer the confidence to know that the initial inquiry phone call is not a waste of time. You folks are my only source of advertising, and that is by choice. I as a business owner value your ratings because ultimately I too will be a consumer. So in my world, it comes full circle. Thank you again for what you do, it is a very valuable tool."
     Don H.

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