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  1. BBB Overview

    BBB Accredited Businesses must adhere to our Code of Business Practices and Code of Advertising and commit to our Standards for Trust.

    About your BBB, location, and hours

    Our mission and vision

  2. Get to know us

    Media Contacts:

    For News Media (including Spanish media):

    Rebecca Harpster
    Communications Supervisor
    Tel: 510-844-2067
    Fax: 510-844-2667

    For Chinese Media:

    Pearl Yon
    Communications Specialist
    Tel: 510-844-2024
    Fax: 510-844-2624

  3. Press Releases

    BBB educates consumers and businesses via hundreds of tips on a variety of subjects. We speak on scams, consumer tips, business tips, donation tips, current events and anything related to the marketplace.

    Our most recent press releases can be found here. For a more comprehensive list of releases, please contact Rebecca Harpster at

  4. Media Tools

    If you’re interested in a business
    : BBB reports on licensing, advertising review, government actions, pattern of complaints, out of business, misuse of Better Business Bureau name/logo, bankruptcy and mail returned. BBB Business Profiles include business information, an overview, contact information, type of entity, business management, location/hours/website/social media, business category, products & services, service area and alternate business names for a business. BBB Business Profiles also include other relevant information about a business’s practices such as complaints, reviews, alerts & actions, a composite score and a BBB Rating. You can find a BBB Rating System overview here. BBB also conducts investigations into businesses that may have unethical business practices. When completed, press releases about these investigations are distributed to the media and posted on Golden Gate BBB’s website. You can sign up to receive news alerts from your BBB by contacting Rebecca Harpster at

    If you’re interested in scams: BBB Scam Tracker provides consumers across North America with a place to report scams and fraud and to warn others of malicious or suspicious activity. All BBBs collect information from consumers and process data, which is shared with law enforcement agencies for use in identifying and prosecuting scammers. Data is also used to create scam alerts and press releases to warn consumers about relevant scams happening in their area. If you’re researching a scam, please feel free to reach out to us for more information regarding it. When a consumer submits a report to BBB Scam Tracker, they can indicate if they would be willing to speak to the media about it. These consumers are a great resource for potential stories about scams. You can also use BBB Scam Tracker ( to search for scams by keyword, scam type, zip code/area and date reported. BBB Scam Tracker can be used as a resource for story generation. Please reach out to us with questions or for more information.

  5. 2018 Media Calendar

    Below are media topics that we are planning on writing about in 2017 – both through news releases and on our blog ( Feel free to use this list to collaborate with BBB on stories throughout the year.

    January: purchasing football merchandise online, post-holiday finances, scams affecting college students, choosing a gym membership, Torch Awards for Ethics announcement, data privacy tips, early tax preparation, returning gifts, New Years resolutions

    February: buying gifts online, secure package delivery, Valentine's Day scams, choosing a tax filing program, tax season cybersecurity

    March: spring cleaning, spring break travel tips, March Madness tips

    April: protecting sensitive documents, buying sports merchandise, scammers impersonating businesses, choosing summer activities and camps for kids, tax scams, purchasing baseball season tickets

    May: tips for small businesses, establishing a presence in a saturated market, moving tips, wedding tips, home renovation tips, BBB Request a Quote

    June: BBB Scam Tracker, BBB Customer Reviews, occupying kids over summer, 2018 scams, summer vacation planning, tips for hiring a landscaper

    July: vacation tips, Fouth of July sales, hiring an HVAC company, vacation rentals, pool tips, hiring a contractor, buying season football tickets

    August: back to school shopping tips, getting ready for fall, hiring a tutor, garage sale tips, preventing student ID theft

    September: buying football ticktes, Labor Day sales, scams targeting students

    October: preparing for rain, holiday vacation planning, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Halloween scams, Secure Your ID Day, seasonal job scams, consumer & business cybersecurity

    November: tips for holiay shopping, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuessday, tips for veterans,Thanksgiving tips

    December: top ten scams of 2018, returning holiday gifts, traveling with pets, how to avoid counterfeit products

  6. BBB in the News

    Your BBB is frequently featured on television, on the radio, on online news sources, and in newspapers in English, Spanish and Chinese. Below are some examples.

    BBB Scam Tracker (KTSF 26 – Cantonese)

    How Your BBB Can Help You (Univision – Spanish)

    Weekly column in El Observador (English & Spanish)

    7 On Your Side: BBB Has Warnings for Homeowners, Donors (ABC 7)

    CBS ConsumerWatch: Back-to-School tips (KPIX)