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Why Become BBB Accredited?

See why over 8,000 businesses in Northern California put their trust in BBB.

A great business starts with trust, but trust takes time to build. BBB gives you the competitive edge by boosting trust in-and connecting consumers to-your business. Let consumers know that you take pride in running a great business by applying for BBB Accreditation today.

Get an Edge on Competitors

Only select, qualified businesses can earn BBB Accreditation. Give your business the advantage you need to win a contract or job, or attract consumers to your products.

Gain Consumer Trust

More than 90% of consumers recognize the BBB Seal and what it stands for. When they see it on your website, brochure or storefront, they know yours is a business they can trust.

Attract New Customers

any businesses have gained new leads as a result of their accreditation. Services like our Request-a-Quote program give business owners the opportunity to build deeper customer relationships, while our published BBB Business Reviews puts your company information high up on search engine results pages.

Get Noticed

BBB Accredited Businesses are listed in our online business directory, which helps increase your exposure through links to your website, a map to your location, business images, videos, contact information and more.

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Featured Testimonials

"Your company has established the trust of the consumer. As a newer business, that is huge for me... You are my only source of advertising, and that is by choice."

- Don H., Brown Dog Landscaping

"We feel the accreditation afforded by [BBB] puts us in an elite group of people who are shown to be the best in the industry. People can see that we've stood the test of time."

- Tom G., Airoom Architects and Builders

"BBB accreditation is a reliable indication of the quality, reliability and trustworthiness of a business."

- Christopher M., Alpha Flight Guru

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It's a crowded marketplace. Fortunately, we take the guesswork out of where to spend your money. Just look for BBB Accreditation.

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