Pandorapick Fakes Out Customers, Ships Disappointment

March 20, 2017

According to reports received through BBB Scam Tracker, customers shopping on were about as far away from the popular Baltimore-based jewelry company as they could be. In fact, for those who received their purchases – and not everyone has – they quickly discovered the jewelry was not as it appeared online. Instead, the products were cheap imitations from China.

BBB warns savvy shoppers that the look-a-like website bears the red flags of fraud. There’s no encryption at the point of purchase, so payment information is at risk. The social media links link back to and not social media. A Paypal image links to credit card information. The website is riddled with grammatical errors and the Payment page includes a statement that the buyer may be charged international fees., the authentic manufacturer of the popular jewelry, provides an authorized list of online retailers that buyers can check to make certain they are getting genuine Pandora merchandise. Their Facebook page includes a thread with another customer who had doubts about the legitimacy of

To learn more about this scam, check out ABC2 reporter, Skyler Henry's interview with BBB President & CEO, Angie Barnett. 

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