Evaluate Your Finances


Chart, Track, and Improve Your Finances

Thousands of years ago, humans charted the skies and tracked the movement of the stars. Using basic tools and perseverance we have sailed across powerful oceans and explored the unknown, using those charts to help guide the way.

Some things never go out of fashion. Knowledge and perseverance can help you chart your finances and build a safe and solid financial future.

In today’s marketplace, there is an abundance of information and tools to help you manage your finances. Armed with knowledge and the right tools you can constantly chart and track your finances.

It is the BBB’s goal to provide you with clear, concise and trustworthy information.

In the "Evaluate Your Finances" section, you will learn about the importance of creating a budget, setting financial goals, and motivating yourself to stay on track. Budgeting is a key to properly allocating your hard earned money.  

A fine-tuned budget helps you to pay off debt, save money, and build wealth. It aids you in targeting “bad debts,” such as high interest credit card debt, so you pay it off effectively and avoid a debt trap.

Your budget can also help you more efficiently manage “good debts,” such as your mortgage payment or the student loans you took for a degree that got you a good job.

Understanding your creditworthiness is another important part of properly evaluating your financial health. You want to monitor protect your credit, so you can qualify for the best rates whenever you borrow money, open a credit card, or take out a line of credit.

Checking your credit report regularly is important in different ways, including.

  1. Discovering  if negative, inaccurate information is reported. It is your responsibility to keep bogus info that can harm your score off your report. Check it thoroughly and follow the right steps to have inaccurate information removed.
  2. Alerting you that you’ve been the victim of the serious and growing problem of identity theft. If accounts are being opened in your name without your permission, it is a real pain to deal with. The sooner you know about it and start addressing  the problem the better.

Finally, because debt is such an important element of our lives, we are providing you with a basic, get out of debt overview. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to avoid scams and move forward to accomplish your financial goals.

In addition, the BBB is pleased to offer you an innovative Debt Navigator tool that guides you to the right solution for paying off debt, based on the goals you set and how you prioritize them.