Senior Citizens Top Ten Red Flags



If you answer “yes” to any of the following, contact your BBB.

  1. Have you received a phone call asking for your personal information, bank account or credit card numbers, or Medicare ID number?
  2. Did you receive a check in the mail with a letter stating you’ve won a sweepstakes or prize?
  3. Has someone knocked on your door selling products or services (like a roofer offering a discount or an individual selling magazines or home alarm installation)?
  4. Were you are asked to pay upfront fees?
  5. Does it sound too good to be true?
  6. Have you been asked to wire transfer money?
  7. Were you offered a “free gift” or “free” medical supplies (in exchange for personal information, including your Medicare number)?
  8. Have you noticed you aren’t receiving statements in the mail that you used to receive monthly?
  9. Have you found unexpected charges to your bank account or credit card?
  10. Did a charity you’ve never heard of call or write to thank you for your donation?