Tri-State BBB Warns About Publishers Clearing House Scam

March 24, 2017

EVANSVILLE, IN – The Tri-State Better Business Bureau warns tristate area residents of an old scam that’s making rounds again. Consumers report receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be associated with Publishers Clearing House. This person tells them that they’ve won a big prize, but in order to claim it, they need to pay a fee upfront. One area resident was told that she had won $5000 a month and a pickup truck, but that she would have to go to Walmart and send $285.85 through MoneyGram before claiming the prize. The area code from which the call came was 876 (Jamaica).

“The best thing to do when you are dealing with this type of phone call is to hang up immediately. Never wire money to strangers and don’t hesitate to report the incident. This way, more people will find out about it and avoid the scam”, says Oana Schneider, Director of Social Media Services for the Tri-State Better Business Bureau.

There are four ways to recognize a PCH scam: 

  1. You are asked to wire money. PCH sweepstakes are free to enter and you will never be required to pay any fees associated with winning.
  2. They ask you to load up a Green Dot MoneyPak or other kinds of money transfers.
  3. Someone tries to contact you in advance. PCH likes to surprise their winners, so you will not be contacted by their staff via phone, email or social media. You can also visit the PCH website for more information. 
  4. You get a PCH friend request on social media. Even if the profile features the full name and photo of a prominent PCH employee, don’t accept the friend request and report this issue immediately.

If you think you’ve been victimized by this scam, contact your BBB and local authorities immediately. Also, in order to stay informed about other scams happening in your area, go to!


Reporters: For more information or to schedule an interview with a local BBB spokesperson, contact Oana Schneider at 618-499-5280, 812-473-0202 ext. 116 or email


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