Tri-State BBB Warns About Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust Scam Calls!

March 27, 2017

EVANSVILLE, IN – The Tri-State Better Business Bureau warns area residents of a scams that’s claiming to collect money for the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust. According to information provided by IBCAT, the organization does not hold events or solicit for donations. Their fundraising efforts are “intentionally limited to the sale of the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness license plate” through the BMV. If you receive such a call, please know that it didn’t come from the IBCAT! The scammers are using a wide range of persuasion methods, even going as far as telling victims that they are “heartless people” if they don’t make a donation and that they should “be ashamed of themselves”.

If you are thinking about giving money to a charity, keep this in mind first:

  1. Don’t give cash. Write a check to the organization and use the official name, and not the name of an individual.
  2. Keep track of your donations. This way, it will be easier to document your charitable giving when tax time comes.
  3. Know the difference between tax exempt and tax deductible. “Tax exempt” means the organization doesn’t have to pay taxes. “Tax deductible” means the donor can deduct their contribution on his/her federal tax return.
  4. Do your research. Before donating, ask the charity for a copy of their tax documents to see how much they are helping the community and where your money will go. These documents are public and will help you understand the work a certain charity does.  
  5. Check the Wise Giving Alliance – the Better Business Bureau developed this alliance to help donors make informed decisions about their contributions. All you need to know about a reputable charity, their work and mission is featured here.
  6. If you are being threatened into donating money, hang up immediately and alert your local authorities. No charity will ever guilt you into giving money, so don’t fall for it!


If you think you’ve been victimized by this scam, contact your BBB and local authorities immediately. Also, in order to stay informed about other scams happening in your area, go to!


Reporters: For more information or to schedule an interview with a local BBB spokesperson, contact Oana Schneider at 618-499-5280, 812-473-0202 ext. 116 or email


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