Sponsorship Opportunities for BBB Accredited Businesses


Our Accredited Businesses often ask us how they can partner with the Tri-State BBB in an effort to support important consumer education programs while communicating to the public their commitment to promoting marketplace ethics.

Great News! We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities available that provide valuable funds for our consumer education foundation while addressing the needs of our philanthropic local businesses.

The opportunities outlined below give your BBB a chance to highlight your Accredited Businesses.

If you would like to find out more, please email us or call us at 812-473-0202.

Google/SES Program - This program is designed to promote your Accredited Business through a partnership between your BBB and Google.  It is designed to drive consumers who are searching for a particular good or service on Google directly to you.  The listing for the sponsored category will show up at or near the top of a consumer’s Google search and when clicked on, will take the consumer to a separate landing page containing the information of only the businesses sponsoring that category.  There are no long-term contracts and the program is handled in house by BBB staff.

Accredited Business Directory - Located on a separate page within our website, the Accredited Business Directory allows consumers to search specifically for Accredited Businesses by business category. When a business category is clicked on, a new page will open and will list all the Accredited Businesses within that category in alphabetical order. By becoming an Accredited Business Directory sponsor, your listing is moved to the top of the list of accredited businesses in your business category and is highlighted for consumers. 

Accredited Business Directory Rotator - Located at the top of the Accredited Business Directory’s main page is a rotator.  Accredited Businesses can sponsor a banner within the rotator. 

BBB Consumer Education Blog - Your BBB has a consumer education blog called “The Beacon” located at bbbconsumereducation.com that receives more than 60,000 hits a month. An accredited business can sponsor the blog and their name and logo will appear in the front page slider of bbbconsumereducation.com.  This sponsorship has limited availability.

Annual Events - Your BBB puts on at least one event a year. We are always looking for sponsors to help support our efforts to promote integrity and trust in the marketplace.

Student of Integrity Scholarship - Provide valuable funds to support our scholarship program, which includes in-school presentations to high school students on the subject of marketplace ethics as well as one $5000 scholarship and two $2500 scholarships to high school seniors.

Newsletter - The BBB's monthly newsletter, Better Business Builder, is also available for sponsorship. An ad for your business will be placed on the front page of the newsletter. We also offer monthly Accredited Business Discounts that are listed in our e-newsletters. Add your discount to our growing list of offers!