El Paso Giving Day Contribution will be Used to Rebuild Homes in Xochimilco, Mexico

December 27, 2017

El Paso, TX  — Thanks to the many community contributions received by Better Business Bureau (BBB) Paso del Norte Foundation during El Paso Giving Day, including donations from Austin BBB, BBB employees, board members, and local BBB Accredited Businesses, families in Xochimilco, Mexico, will have the opportunity to rebuild their homes.

BBB Foundation decided to help the victims of the September 19th earthquake in Mexico City by soliciting donations and matching the contributions received during El Paso Giving Day.   A total of $3000 dollars was raised.

“We found an organization, Mosqueteras, that has been helping families who were victims of the earthquake in the small agricultural community in San Gregorio, Atlapulco in Xochimilco. Homes in the community were completely destroyed by the earthquake.  By working with the Mosqueteras, we are assured 100% of the contributions are going to directly to assist the victims.” said Marybeth Stevens, BBB President and CEO.   Stevens was able to visit the community on December 19th and see the destruction and rebuilding effort first-hand.

The community volunteers worked with an architect firm to design low-cost homes that meet the needs of the community.  With this plan, they have been collecting donations for materials, and the community members are responsible for the labor.  

“These families lost everything.  We set up a temporary shelter and came up with the rebuilding plan, but it is taking more time than we expected.  Because these families do not receive any governmental assistance, we need help with construction material,”, explained Anna Arreguín, member of the Mosqueteras. “It has been a challenge.  We have accomplished only half of the homes.”

The $3000 contribution from the BBB, will be enough to buy the construction material to build approximately two homes. Each house has a cost of $30,000 Mexican pesos ($1600 USD), and they are constructed based on the necessities of each family. 

“While our contribution is relatively modest, it means a great deal to the community, both in terms of actual assistance, and as a demonstration of solidarity.  With a full appreciation of the need in the community, I am hopeful we can raise awareness and provide more assistance”, said Stevens.