Why Your Company Should Be Accredited


BBB accreditation is an honor and not every company is eligible. We only accredit businesses that pass a strict review process. Companies interested in becoming BBB accredited must complete an application process and commit to standards of ethical business practices. Once accepted, BBB Accredited Businesses must maintain the standards or face accreditation revocation.

BBB Accreditation Sets Your Company Apart

  • BBB accreditation tells your prospective customers that you meet the BBB business ethics standards and can be trusted.
  • Proudly displaying your BBB AB logo in your company’s literature and advertising sets your company apart in the eyes of consumers.  (What other affiliation can your company have that means more to prospective customers? Survey: 70% prefer doing business with a BBB AB.)
  • Your company’s BBB accreditation and compliance with BBB business ethics standards is prominently stated in offline and online BBB reports accessed millions of times every year by consumers seeking companies they can trust.
  • Industry lists of BBB Accredited Businesses are available on- and offline to prospective customers seeking companies they can trust.
  • Many online benefits, including consumer’s ability to request a quote from a BBB AB.

Special $ Saving Offers Exclusively for BBB Accredited Businesses

  • Electronic NSF Check Recovery Services- This is a FREE service to your company when you become an Accredited Business with the BBB.  No funds are required to take advantage of this valuable service.  E-Check Inc will charge a $5 maintenance fee after 90 days.
  • No cost BBB Binding Arbitration helps avoid costly, lengthy court battles.

Supporting Community Ethics & Protecting Area Consumers

  • BBB is preeminent area resource for helping consumers find companies they can trust and resolve problems with area merchants.
  • BBB Advertising Review Program monitors area advertising and corresponds with advertisers every year attempting to correct potentially misleading and deceptive claims – promotes business self-regulation and helps consumers shop with confidence.
  • BBB Charity Review Program evaluates area’s soliciting charities to help corporate and individual donors choose deserving organizations.
  • BBB works closely with area media to alert public to questionable offers and businesses.

BBB Accreditation Is An Employee Benefit

  • Regular alerts and newsletters help your company and its employees avoid fraud & learn about new consumer trends.
  • Employees of BBB AB’s receive priority access to BBB services on their AB Hotline – encourages them to spend wisely and avoid costly consumer problems.

What Accredited Business are saying:

“We have a long and established history in the El Paso area since 1905. We are a long time member of the BBB, and our A-plus rating gives our customers more confidence in contracting Weeks Roofing for their commercial and residential roofing needs.”

Bill Bridler,
Weeks Roofing Co. Inc. El Paso, TX – BBB Accredited since 1988


“The BBB accreditation gives credibility to our standing in the business community. When out of town contractors are looking for a viable company to do their work in the community, they check with the BBB.”

Karen Edmonston
Area Iron & Steel Works, Inc. El Paso, TX – BBB Accredited since 1994