Search Engine Optimization

How your BBB can help your SEO

Is BBB still relevant?

More than ever! In addition to an ever-increasing demand for business information, our website experienced record numbers last year. We reached over 1,000,000 visits for the first time and almost 3,000,000 page views. Consumers are flocking to for information on who to trust. If BBB is obsolete, why are more people than ever asking us for help?

How does BBB help your website populate higher?

  • Think Inbound Links - The more high quality inbound links to your website, the better your website search results. Part of the algorithm that Google, Bing and Yahoo use is to measure your websites relevance. One of the factors is the number of inbound links (think popularity contest): the more you have, the better. 
  • Google - Our BBB Business Reviews are considered a Citation. An Internet marketing Citation is any online database that lists the name, address and phone number of a business. BBB is considered a trusted source by Google, thus helping your business appear higher in searches.

What makes the BBB inbound link so great?

  • High Domain Authority (DA rank of 96).
  • BBB is a Curated directory. Google and Bing know we confirm our database information for accuracy.
  • Business Reviews can contain pictures and videos and customize their service area. Doing so helps the business generate geo-targeted information and helps them appear higher in local searches.
  • BBB is a trusted source and has been around over 100 years.
  • It’s a .org
  • BBB can list your business in multiple categories, giving you more inbound links and increasing your traffic.
  • According to, is the #120 ranked website in their rankings of Power List of High Authority websites. This means our data is very accurate.
  • 1/3 of all Google searches include city and province. This information is found on all BBB Business Reviews.
  • Ranked in the top 0.01% of website traffic according to

Why Use BBB and its Dynamic Seal?

  • Dynamic Seal is a live link between Business Review and their website. This improves SEO by allowing transfer from one location to another
  • It’s the HTML code in the Dynamic Seal that informs Google of BBB’s presence. Because the code contains BBB information and we are respected on the web, our HTML helps businesses be found in more searches.