Top 5 Reasons to become Accredited

Top 5 Reasons to become Accredited with BBB
  • Trust 

    BBB has been around for over 100 years,helping consumers make wise decisions in the marketplace.Start with Trust at BBB Serving Central & Northern Alberta

  • Credibility

    It is important to show you are trusted to other businesses and customers.Customers are drawn to do business with and Accredited company rather than a non. Be apart of an elite group of businesses at BBB

  • Visibilty/Exposure

    Stand out with BBB, be recognized through our BBB Business Directory. Business reviews inspire confidence in customers and increase your exposure with over one million views to our webiste each year

    Enchance your websites Search Engine Optimization with BBB's dynamic seal

    Be seen by over 300,000 customers in our yearly Consumer Guide, which is an exclusive list of our Accredited Businesses

  • Use of Logo

    Stand out,use the BBB logo in your advertising to increase customer confidence in your business

  • Save Time/Money

    Receive direct service inquiries through BBB's Request A Quote Program. Reduce advertising costs by advertising through BBB,cut off additional marketing costs and use our Search Engine Optimization

    At BBB we offer payment options when becoming Accredited. Accreditation Dues are 100% Tax Deductible


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