4/29/2016 Inland Northwest Bank wrecked my credit throught several mistake they made. I was a co-signer on my daughters loan. This review is to warn consumers of what banks report to all three credit B's wthout disclosing to the consumer. I have a paper trail to keep me safe from any back lash from this bank. The bad reporting to all three credit B's leave all consumers valunerable. There is NO accountability on the credit B's or banks/business for the wrong reporting according to my attorney. This started around August 2013; I went to Inland Northwest bank for a 30yr fixed loan for my low income disable daughter. My daughter qualified for the tax exemption. The bank kept stalling saying they couldn't find the right loan for her, so we lost the lower interest rate, we were committed because of the appraisal. The loan papers were not signed until Nov 2013. We had no choice but to stay with Inland Nortwest bank, the interest rates went up above her debit to ratio. First house payment ($428.00) was due Jan. 2014, the bank did not collect enough money in the escrow for the first half of April taxes ($983.98). From Jan to April is not enough time to build the escrow account up; the bank only collected $123.40 for 4 mos. So the house payment jumped to $482.00.The bank was short $860.58 in the escrow account? From here the problems and errors got worse. May 2014; the bank deals with the property assessors office on taxes. The homeowner gets a yearly statement. We got a letter from the bank 5/28/14 stating the house payment was going to go up $655.54, this was over 60% of her income. This puts her loan going into forecosure, my daughter was living on $815.00 a month Socical Security only. Now she can't pay her bills, she doesn't make enough money. I'm the Rep for my daughters legal and finacials I have to account for all her money through audits yearly by Social Security. 5/2014; I went to the bank; spoke to **** *. the mortgage loan officer, I asked him why at signing the bank didn't take enough money to cover the first half of taxes? No answer, I was not happy when I left there, I was concerned about foreclosure. I made an appt. with a HUD housing officer (********) she explained what the bank did, she asked why we signed for this loan? I told her the bank stalled for over three months and we lost the lower rate, the bank didn't lock the rate. We got on a 3 way conferrence call with **** *.; he told******** he didn't handle this loan & doesn't know anything about it. I was shocked in disbelief since I just saw him about my concern of forecloser. ********said the loan was an in house loan the bank made up with a high interest rate if the loan went to default and the bank new this. There was no disclosure of an in house loan. She told me to get out of this loan the default for the loan was very bad. I told ********I had to co-sign on this loan because of my daughters low income, and told her my house was in a reverse mortgage and both were on Social Security, the bank new this. I submitted those papers before the signing. Bank new they couldn't touch our Social Security and my house belongs to the reverse mortgage company. The loan would have gone into defualt. I took the loan papers to another mortgage company, the officer looked them over and told me there were loans out there for you in that time frame, he shook his head and told me to get out of the loan quickly, he offered to get a loan for us and started working on it. 6/2014 Knowing I needed to help my daughter pay her monthly bills, I called my creditors and told them what happened, I beg them to put me on a pay only until I could get this fixed. They didn't care and told me I will be finance charge and late fee charge if the payments aren't in on the due date. 8/2104; I tried to borrow $300.00 to put back in the escrow account, I went to several place that I had paid off loans, but was turned down by all of them stating they will send a letter in the mail for the reason denied. 10/2014; I was despearate, so instead of paying my credit cards I took that money to Inland Northwest bank and tried to give **** * . a check for the $300.00. He said he couldn't take it because he didn't no how much was owed, I had the bank statement with me, but he refused to take the money. Two days later he calls me and threatens me if the money is not in the account by the 16th I'll get a late finace charge. My daughter and I took the money to the valley branch and I instructed the teller to put the $300.00 in her escrow account, she gave me the code(580) for the escrow account, if I needed it in the future. At this same time my daughters lease was up and she needed to get a new car, we were told at the Honda dealer that she can't lease anymore because she missed two house payments ( Aug. & Oct)? We were shocked and I went directly to the bank and pulled up her account, and every house payment was made and they were all accounted for. We then found out the bank had reported to all 3 credit B's that two house payment were not made, (Aug & Oct) we were not notifed and there was no disclosure letter sent to us. Then we found out that since Aug. the finance charges were put on the account in the amount of $35.84 every month there after following another 3 charge of $17.92. We couldn't afford our Verizon cell phones; I took an apology letter from the bank to the Verizon store and talk to the manager ****** He said we don't do hardships and you wll have to pay your $600.00 early termantion fees, I stated I was going to file a complaint with the Att. Gen. Office, he said maybe they will pay your early termantion fees. Verizon wasted no time sending our phone bills to a collection agency. This gave us more bad creidt reporting. I had to cancel my Res. phone of 19 yrs, with Qwest/Centurylink. I made the last payment arrangements and PAID on time. But they turned it over to a collection agency called Convergent. This went on my credit report as not paid. It took me from Oct 2014 to March of 2015 to get this resolved, more damage to my credit. 11/2014; bank statement still showing a past due amount of $358.48, there was nothing showing the $300.00 was applied to the escrow account and new late charges added to the account. I called **** *. and asked him where the money was I put in the escrow account? He told me to get out my check book and pay the past due. I told him I get audit every year by Soc. Sec. and I have to account for all my daughters money. **** * would not tell me what the past due was? I told him you have to disclose this, he wouldn't. I had to call Social Security and explain this, because the audit was coming up and the bank wouldn't dislcose what the past due was? 12/2014; I filed a complaint with the Att. Gen office; the consumer protecton divison. I was immediatley contact by**** * . ;she referred me to the FDIC who over sees the banks. My disclosure complaint was reviewed by ***** * And through this process I learned the $300.00 dollars was not put in the escrow account, the bank had made several mistake,she contact Inland Northwest bank. She told me to work with***** the chief credit officer. The bank retrack their reporting to all 3 credit B's, but because of the time line my credit was damage beyond repair, I told the credit officer (*****) he needed to help me bring my credit cards current from the past due ($300.00) other wise they were going to be charges off. He said in GOOD FAITH they removed all the late charges. So in GOOD FAITH the bank wrecked my credit and would help fix the credit cards so they wouldn't be charge off. Two of the cards were for my daughter, one was for health & dental for things she couldn't afford, another for buying paper product that her food stamps would not allow (food only). The last credit card was for my business Arlene's Crafts and when the bank reported to all three credit B's I got a letter from the credit card company reducing my credit limit so low I had to close the card and I lost my business, this was extra money to help my disable daughter. 12/2014; bank statement still showing $358.48 & more late charges; again I called the bank and was shuffled around the bank wouldn't let me to talk to a loan office about this new error. 1/2015 Inland Northwest bank statement shows they change the interest from 4.5 to 7.56? Our loan contract was 4.5, again I had to call the FDIC and filed another complaint. The three credti cards were closed and charge off. Now because of no credit card to pay for her dental has had two permenant teeth pulled, no money to fix the teeth. She now has been told she will lose the rest of the teeth and have to get a false plate. I 've been an Allstate customer since 1993, with a prefect driving record, no tickets no accident, I just learned from my agent that my car Ins. will go up because of my bad credit rating; the I S scores are partly based on your credit scores. So instead of $50 a month, I'm now paying $79.00 a month for ins. again thanks to Inland Nortwest Bank. Inland Northwest bank has caused me alot of money, I've lost my part time business to earn extra money to help my daughter and her health and wellfare is in jeopardy because of this bank. I can't take the bank to small claims court because there's a limit of $3500.00. If I try and sue them my attorney states they argue I walked away from paying my credit cards, this was false we were threaten with foreclosure if the money wasn't paid to the bank. The continous mistake by Inland Northwest bank has left me valunerable and without means to borrow money for emergency's even for myself. After the bank trashed my credit my credit score was 513 VERY POOR.And I'm paying for their mistake and will be until this goes off my credit. I think the bank should pay the three discharge cards to bring my credit back in good standing. Let my story be a warning to people who deal with any bank or business, remember they can wreck your credit like they did mine.
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