Local Dispute Resolution Services


Dispute Resolution Steps to Resolve Complaints

We will work with you and the business to reach a solution to your problem. The dispute resolution process is an alternative to going to court - it's informal and user-friendly and it helps resolve thousands of complaints each year.

BBBs offer several methods to resolve your dispute.

In conciliation, we collect factual information from both parties to a dispute, encourage open communication and facilitate discussions leading to a resolution.

In mediation, we will provide a professionally trained mediator to talk with the parties and guide them in working out their own mutually-agreeable solutions.

If conciliation and/or mediation efforts are not successful, arbitration may be the next step. The parties state their views at an arbitration hearing, offer evidence and let an impartial arbitrator make a decision that ends the dispute.

We will advise you of the appropriate steps to resolve your particular concern. For additional information on how dispute resolution works, review: Dispute Resolution, The Commonsense Alternative.

Local DR Programs
BBBs provide dispute resolution help to resolve complaints between customers and local businesses. Contact your BBB for help.

National Programs
Unique programs have been developed to help customers with certain types of marketplace problems. If you have a complaint in one of the following areas a special program may be available to assist you. Please review the additional information available on each program to learn more about our services.

Dispute Resolution Feedback, Rules, Brochures, and Training
The BBB makes the results of its various dispute resolution programs publicly available in the belief that such transparency helps build trust and confidence in the quality and fairness of our services.