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The BBB Educational Foundation supports a variety of programs for consumers of all ages, from middle and high school students to senior citizens, programs for veterans groups, auto workers, retirees, families of active-duty military personnel and members of the business community.

The BBB Educational Foundation is funded through tax-deductible consumer and business donations, in particular, through the generous support of our BBB Accredited Businesses.

Better Business Bureau has created a program designed to keep seniors abreast of scams and deceptive business practices in the marketplace. Get informed by signing up for monthly newsletters and scheduling a free scam prevention seminar!

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The FINRA Foundation collaborates with the BBB to deliver an educational training program on fraud prevention in local markets.The seminars can be delivered to virtually any group or business interested in learning how to protect their assets.


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BBB Military Line provides free resources to our military community in the areas of financial literacy and consumer protection. BBB Military Line offers free resources to our military community in the areas of financial literacy and consumer protection. BBB provides provides a one stop shop for articles, links and consumer alerts for each branch of service.

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BBB provides the public with the latest news, scam alerts & warnings through email newsletters, social media, press releases and news outlets.

Stay informed by visiting our site, following us on Facebook & Twitter and signing up for our newsletter.

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BBB hosts monthly events for business owners and their employees on various business related topics such as marketing, social media, human resource issues, sales & retention and more. Events are free and open to businesses of any size.

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BBB offers speakers for businesses, groups or organizations of any size at no cost to you. Topics include: Scam Identification & Prevention, social media for small businesses, social media scam training for parents & tweens and more.

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