BBB Educational Foundation

Better Business Bureau Educational Foundation of Detroit and Eastern Michigan is 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization whose mission is to enhance consumer awareness and marketplace confidence through education, community interaction and the exchange of information. The Foundation supports a variety of programs for consumers of all demographics.

Programs Supported by the BBB Educational Foundation

ls 1LifeSmarts - An educational competition that challenges high school teens with questions about personal finance, the environment, technology, health/safety and consumer rights. Teams train online for a chance to compete at a statewide “quiz bowl” style event.

BBB Senior Scene - A free program designed to keep seniors informed of scams and deceptive business practices in the marketplace and to empower them to act as community advocates against fraud. Includes Senior Scam Prevention Seminars, a Senior Brigade Task Force and the Senior Siren Newsletter.


Investment Fraud Prevention Training - The FINRA Foundation collaborates with BBB to deliver training on fraud prevention in local markets. Participants learn: common tactics used by fraudsters, risk factors & how to prevent fraud.This program focuses on those most likely to be targeted by financial  fraud: retirees, professionals, and financially stable, educated adults.

BBB Military Line ® - BBB Military Line® provides free resources to our military communities in the areas of financial literacy and consumer protection. We offer financial readiness classes to  service members and free consumer guides written specifically for members of the military. BBB also sponsors a Military Discount Directory featuring offers provided by Accredited Businesses to members of the military, veterans and/or their families.

How can YOU help?

BBB Educational Foundation is funded solely through your tax-deductible donations. If you wish to lend your support to the BBB Educational Foundation, you may make a general donation or sponsor a specific program, please contact Danae Hanes, Director of Community Relations, at 248.799.0326 or