ROI of BBB Accreditation

In a competitive marketplace, BBB Accreditation assures consumers that they are choosing a business with a proven track record for being honest, reliable and responsive. Since consumers often compare multiple companies, being accredited gives you a competitive edge. But there are also many other ways that BBB Accreditation can impact your bottom line.

Drive New Business

Accredited Business Directory:

  • Only BBB Accredited Business are featured in our Accredited Business  Directory used by hundreds of thousands of consumers to search for trusted businesses. 
  • 7 out of 10 consumers prefer to work with a BBB Accredited Business.


BBB Business Reviews

  • Only Accredited Businesses have ‘Request a Quote’ links that allow customers to ask for your services directly.
  • Millions consult BBB reviews before making purchases.
  • ABs can enhance their online business review to include photos, videos, and program descriptions. This can help you engage prospects.

        Find out more on how to enhance your business review.

Cut Advertising Costs

Through BBB partnerships, Accredited Businesses can get reduced advertising in various media outlets such as:

  • Click-on-Detroit—save 30% on your online advertising
  • Crain’s Detroit Business— save up to 60% on print ads

Reduce Overhead

By participating in our Affinity Partners Program, our accredited businesses can save money on office supplies, point of sale services, payroll services and more. In some cases, your savings can cover your accreditation fees.

BBB Accreditation is an investment in your business.

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