Enhancing Your Business Review

One benefit of being a BBB Accredited Business is the ability to enhance your BBB Business Review with photos, videos and more.

Make Your Business Review Stand Out! 

BBB has an Online Business Review for thousands of businesses in Eastern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, but ONLY BBB Accredited Businesses can enhance their Business Reviews - making them stand out to site visitors. 


BBB Accredited Businesses can enhance their Business Reviews by logging on to the Accredited Business portal, entering your registered email and password and clicking on 'Update Your Business Info' on the left column to add any of the following information:

BBB ‘Request a Quote’ Program

Request a Quote allows prospective customers to request bids from BBB Accredited Businesses directly from our site – sending hot leads directly to you. Make sure that BBB has a contact designated for this program. The contact can be either a text number or an email address, but it should be one that is monitored regularly to assure that someone responds to the request in a timely manner. 

Photos & Videos

BBB Accredited Businesses can add pictures and videos to your BBB Business Review in order to better engage potential customers. Businesses should consider posting pictures of their products, awards, store fronts or if you are a service based organization, consider before and after images or pictures of your service being performed. Businesses can also post videos, such as commericals, testimonials from customers, a welcome from the company and more. 

Company Description

Accredited Businesses can submit a description of their company and their products and services to give a snapshot of their business to prospects looking at their Business Review.

Type of Business (TOBs)

Accredited Businesses should make sure that all TOBs that are performed by the company are included on their Business Review. This will help consumers find you when they search and will allow them to see the breadth of services you offer.

Need Help?

If you need assistance updating your Business Review or logging on to the Accredited Business portal, you can call the AB hotline at 248-356-5085 or email ab@easternmichiganbbb.org.