BBB Warning: Potential Employment Scams

August 09, 2017

DENVER, COLORADO — Better Business Bureau of Denver/Boulder is issuing a warning on two local businesses, Now Company and USA Online Logistics LLC, due to tips and complaints suggesting that both businesses engage in practices typical of employment scams.  

Now Company

BBB has received one complaint and six scam reports regarding the business Now Company. Additionally, BBB has received reports of the company operating under the name Own LLC.

Reports allege that Now Company contacts job-seekers through employment websites, purporting to be interested in hiring “service managers.” The company then asks potential employees to fill out and return applications containing personal, verifiable information. According to reports, both Now Company and Own LLC provide applicants with the exact same materials.

Now Company has yet to respond to BBB’s attempts to verify its business information and substantiate that the employment opportunities it offers are valid. The business’s website, registered in the Bahamas in February 2017, no longer operates.

Beginning in March 2017, Now Company has been registered with the Colorado Secretary of State as a non-profit corporation. However, BBB confirmed that neither Now Company nor Own LLC have ever operated at 3773 North Cherry Creek Drive, which both companies list as a business address.

USA Online Logistics LLC

BBB has received a consumer report alleging that the company USA Online Logistics operates in a manner typical of reshipping scams.

The business advertises itself on hiring websites as a “work from home” employment opportunity, offering “logistics agent” positions to prospective employees. According to a consumer report, the company sends packages to the homes of these “employees” for repackaging, labeling, and reshipment to a different location.

This process fits the pattern of a reshipping scam, in which scammers fool consumers into receiving, repackaging, and shipping items at their homes or businesses. Often, these items have been purchased using a stolen credit card or other stolen personal information, and sometimes involve stolen or smuggled merchandise.

BBB has received no response from USA Online Logistics after reaching out to verify business details and substantiate its employment offers. The company’s website, registered in February 2017 in Hammonton, New Jersey, is currently non-functioning. Furthermore, the business is not registered with the Colorado Secretary of State and the business address it provided BBB is the physical location of a different business.

Employment Scams

BBB urges caution when dealing Now Company, Own LLC, or USA Online Logistics LLC. Consumers can submit complaints and reviews at, and are encouraged to report potential scams through BBB’s Scam Tracker website.

In addition, BBB offers tips to consumers regarding employment scams.