Scholarship Info

The Better Business Bureau serving Denver and Boulder officially partnered with the Denver Scholarship Foundation in early 2017 to optimize its impact of strengthening the ethical workplace of tomorrow by establishing the BBB Scholarship.

Denver Scholarship Foundation makes make its scholarship application available to all eligible DPS seniors.  DSF is responsible for the scholarship application, selection, and fund distribution (directly to the post-secondary institution) processes. 

Click here to learn more about Denver Scholarship Foundation’s Scholarship and Eligibility Requirements


The Denver Scholarship Foundation, a 501(c)3, inspires and empowers Denver Public Schools’ students to enroll in and graduate from postsecondary institutions of higher education, by providing the tools, knowledge, and financial resources essential for success.

Denver Scholarship Foundation’s unique three-part program has been nationally recognized for its effectiveness. 

  • FUTURE CENTERS: DSF operates Future Centers in 21 Denver high schools.  Each is staffed by a Denver Scholarship Foundation Advisor with outreach to nearly 13,000 students. 
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: DSF offers need-based scholarships to qualifying graduates of Denver Public Schools.  The scholarship can be used at DSF’s Partner Colleges in Colorado, including technical, community, and four-year colleges and universities.  Students must enroll full-time.  The scholarship is renewable for up to four years depending on the type of college attended.
  • COLLEGE SUCCESS: Extra financial aid and ongoing support for Scholars throughout their college career.

DSF has awarded over $33 million in scholarships to more than 5,651 students.  Since 2010, 76% of DSF Scholars have graduated or continue to succeed in college or technical school.  Nearly 1,900 Scholars have graduated from college.

The Denver Scholarship Foundation is the largest and most effective vehicle for investing in Denver’s students. DSF creates a pipeline from high school to employment, therein making a huge impact on our local economy.