The Accreditation Process


STEP 1: Determining Initial Compliance with the BBB Charity Standards
Organizations that have been reviewed by the BBB Serving Denver/Boulder and meet all 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability are ready and eligible to apply.

Organizations that currently do not meet all standards are encouraged to contact us to determine what is needed to be in compliance. We can discuss the areas that need additional attention and determine what is needed to proceed. 

Charities that have not been reviewed by the BBB will be asked to complete a questionnaire and submit related materials so that the BBB Serving Denver/Boulder can determine if they meet the 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability. The results of evaluations will be made available to the public and placed on this website whether or not the organization meets the standards.

STEP 2: Application, Licensing Agreement and Fee Arrangement
Organizations in the service area of BBB Denver/Boulder that meet all 20 BBB Charity Standards and wish to participate in the seal program complete an application, sign a license agreement specifying the conditions for use of the seal and submit the appropriate annual fee. Fees are on a sliding scale based on the applying organizations total revenue in the past year.

Contact BBB Serving Denver/Boulder at 303.996.3970 to obtain the application and license agreement. A charity should submit signed license agreement and fee only after it has been informed that it currently meets the BBB charity standards.

STEP 3: Determining Continuing Compliance with BBB
Generally once every 2 years, the subject charity will need to complete a full questionnaire and submit updated supporting documents for a current review in relation to the BBB charity standards.

BBB may revisit an existing evaluation at any time to consider new information that comes to its attention. BBB will contact the charity for any needed clarification and will promptly review the related facts and circumstances.

If the BBB concludes that a BBB Accredited Charity Program participant no longer meets the BBB charity standards, BBB will terminate the charity’s participation in the program and will publicly announce the termination.

BBB encourages charities to distribute information about the BBB charity standards and their implementation among its staff to help ensure continued compliance with the standards.

If you are ready to become a BBB Accredited Charity Program participant or have questions, please contact Suzann Bacon-Taylor, Special Programs Director, at 303-996-3970 or