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BBB Accredited Charity Program

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BBB Serving Denver/Boulder offers local area 501c3 nonprofit organizations that meet all 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability the opportunity to participate in the BBB Accredited Charity Seal Program granting organizations use of the BBB Accredited Charity logo.

In recent years, a variety of charity accountability issues have been in the public spotlight. Many nonprofits are concerned about this and are seeking ways to distinguish their operations and to assure donors that their organizations are operating responsibly. The goal of the BBB Accredited Charity Seal Program is to offer a highly visible accountability tool that will help inform donors, assist charities in establishing their commitment to ethical practices and encourage greater confidence in giving.

The BBB Accredited Charity logo demonstrates to potential donors that your organization…
• meets the strong and comprehensive standards of the BBB;
• addresses accountability issues like donor privacy and charity effectiveness that go beyond what government regulators require;
• works to increase donor confidence and strengthen public trust in philanthropy.

The BBB Accredited Charity logo can be displayed in:
• printed solicitation materials
• on your website, where visitors can click to access your latest BBB Review
• in newspaper and magazine advertisements
• in TV public service announcements and other venues

Participation in The BBB Accredited Charity Seal Program requires an annual fee determined by a sliding scale based on the organization’s annual revenue. The fee amount ranges from $150 for an organization with $99,999 or less in total revenue to a maximum of $600 for an organization with total revenue of $10 million or more.

If your organization is located in the following counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Elbert, Gilpin, Jefferson, Washington, and Yuma counties in Colorado and are interested in the BBB Accredited Charity Seal Program, please contact Suzann Bacon-Taylor, Special Programs Director, 303-996-3970,

Participation in the program is voluntary. BBB Serving Denver/Boulder reports on organization’s that have been the subject of recent inquiries and/or complaints from potential donors, regardless of whether that charity intends to apply for the logo or not. BBB reports on both charities that meet and do not meet its standards, and does not charge charities a fee in order to be reviewed. All charity reviews are accessible to the public at no charge on this website.