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Since 1969, Bayaud Enterprises has served thousands of individuals by providing daily paid work and/or employment training in a variety of jobs and settings that have resulted in positive outcomes for many. Bayaud’s mission is to create Hope, Opportunity and Choice, with work as the means through which people with disabilities and other barriers to employment can more fully participate in the mainstream of life. In a society that continues to see growing unemployment, poverty and homelessness, Bayaud continues to serve and to honor a commitment to their clients, staff, and donors. Through difficult economic times, Bayaud continued to find a way to provide the same critical service without sacrificing quality.  

Bridge House was established in 1996 when a need for day services for the homeless was identified by the local business and faith community (Bridge House is a non-religious organization).  In October 2011, Carriage House Community Table changed its name to Bridge House to reflect renewed commitment to its mission of bridging people in need to the next day as well as to the next step in their lives towards good health, employment, and self-sufficiency. In 2012, Bridge House launched two new programs – Ready to Work and the Resource Center.  Ready to Work is Boulder’s first transitional employment program for homeless individuals grounded in social enterprise.  In October 2012, Bridge House opened its Resource Center which coordinates services for homeless and working poor individuals during the day. 


The Family Resource Center Association (FRCA) believes that all families have strengths, and that every family should have the opportunity to achieve their own goals toward social, health and economic self-reliance.  FRCA is committed to building the structural support to help low income families alleviate the conditions of poverty.  This is achieved through our mission of providing public advocacy, capacity building and resource development to strengthen and sustain the work of our membership.  We are headquartered in Denver and currently serve 24 Family Resource Centers (FRCs) serving 45 Colorado counties.  The FRCs provide critical services for Colorado’s vulnerable populations through a philosophy of strengths-based Family Development services.  FRCs utilize a Dual Generation strategy to work with the entire family to help them become more self-reliant in key areas that affect family stability, including improving parenting, early childhood, health, social, educational and economic outcomes.    


We are Goodwill Denver – we translate the good in the local community to programs and resources that change lives. While you might know us through our Denver thrift stores, we're more than just a place for great deals – we have programs that improve our community and inspire hope, one person at a time. Goodwill’s retail division is comprised of a network of 25 retail stores, 1 Deja Blue Boutique, 3 outlet worlds and 18 stand-alone donation centers throughout metro Denver and northern Colorado. Profits from these retail stores, as well as donor contributions, fund Goodwill’s highly successful programs in workforce development. We help people find the tools to success at work and in life.


Inner City Health Center is a Christ-centered healthcare home for underserved individuals where consistent, high quality treatment is provided in an atmosphere of genuine respect. We express our love for Jesus Christ and our compassion for those in need through our deep concern for their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Inner City Health Center began as an idea shared by a husband and wife team: Jan Williams, a counselor, and Dr. Bob Williams were already active in medical mission trips as a reflection of their Christian faith, but they felt a sense of needing to do more. They were soon joined by Dr. Duane Claassen, a colleague of Dr. Williams, who had been practicing in a small clinic in rural Mississippi.  Together Jan, Bob, and Duane founded Inner City Health Center in the historic Five Points community in Denver, which had the highest infant mortality rate, lowest income level, and least access to affordable health care in the Denver Metro Area. Inner City Health Center opened its doors to the public on December 5, 1983.


Junior Achievement (JA) is the world’s largest organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. Through a dedicated volunteer network, JA provides in-school and after-school programs for students which focus on three key content areas: entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness. The goal is to teach concepts through experiential learning, allowing young people to put their new knowledge and skills into practice. For example, students in an elementary school might learn about unit versus assembly line production by producing donuts. JA Finance Park gives middle school students the opportunity to make the same financial decision adults make each month. Or, high school students might participate in our popular JA Stock Market Challenge, a stock market simulation game in which teams compete to build their stock portfolios.  Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain, Inc. (JA-Rocky Mountain) celebrated 64 years of service to Colorado in 2014. JA-Rocky Mountain partners with hundreds of local businesses to provide rewarding employee volunteer programs. During the 2013/14 school year, 5,400 volunteers to teach students through relevant, responsive, innovative programs to a record-breaking 121,155 students in 525 participating schools.


mpowered is a nonprofit resource for individuals and families in Colorado who want to learn about money management and participate in coaching to achieve their personal definition of financial success. We provide affordable programs to empower families and individuals to think, act, and feel differently about money. Since 2002, mpowered has provided free or affordable programs to help more than 40,000 people make informed financial choices. Our organization helps people reach their financial goals in the areas of saving, credit, debt, budgeting, crisis management, retirement and risk management. Through the services we provide, we are giving people the means to climb out of poverty, to live self-sufficiently and plan for the future. We are changing the way Coloradoans view money. We are delivering services to our community’s most vulnerable population right in the neighborhoods where they reside and teaching people how to manage their finances.


Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN) is a human rights organization committed to ending violence against adults, youth, and children.  SPAN provides direct client services for individuals impacted by domestic violence and works to end future violence through community education and outreach.  While domestic violence affects people of all ages, racial, ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds, traditionally marginalized individuals like those living in poverty, with disabilities, immigrants or non-English-speaking individuals, and LGBT individuals face added challenges in accessing mainstream support networks. SPAN has established expertise and programs addressing the specific needs of marginalized or targeted communities. SPAN offers various forms of support and services for those who are survivors of domestic violence which are designed to help them regain and sustain a stable, safe, and self-sufficient life for themselves and their children. 


The mission of the Senior Assistance Center (SAC), a 501©3 nonprofit organization, is to promote the self-sufficiency of all senior citizens in Colorado to ensure that no senior citizen goes without the necessities of life, including shelter, food, and  public services.  The Senior Assistance Center, formerly named the Association for Senior Citizens works to alleviate poverty and promote economic security by providing social service opportunities for senior citizens to meet their basic human needs.  In the next few years, America will face a huge “gray wave” as more than 77 million baby boomers turn 65 years old.  According to the United States of Aging Survey (National Council on Aging, United Healthcare and USA Today, August 2012) older Americans are expressing concern about their community’s ability to provide services or offer adequate resources in the near future.  SAC’s programs and services allow our clients to remain self-sufficient, independent, and to have their needs met while sustaining their dignity and pride.


Seniors’ Resource Center (SRC) supports aging adults who embrace their independence. We all want to age gracefully and we want relevant services to keep us healthy and in our homes. The people who make up SRC are compassionate, loyal and dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors. We’re all proud to be part of this dynamic and caring team. Caregivers who need to safely allow someone else to take care of a loved one can always find support at SRC and staff that are eager to help. Most of us have never experienced the fear of living outside of our own homes when our age is increasing and health may be decreasing. The employees and volunteers at SRC provide a wide array of services to older adults in the community who otherwise would not be able to afford such options for themselves. Services like Transportation, Adult Day & Respite Services and In Home Care are needed now more than ever as Colorado’s aging population increases dramatically. SRC makes it possible for individuals who would likely be struggling physically and financially to live independently.


Preparing children for success by nurturing and supporting the individual child has been the focus of TLC Learning Center (formerly the Tiny Tim Learning Center) for over fifty years. We have always understood the importance of assisting children to reach their highest potential through supporting the whole child: academically, socially, emotionally and physically. We currently provide a high-quality, accredited preschool and pediatric therapy services to accomplish our mission.  Children of all needs are part of our early learning community. Our inclusive preschool educates children with various learning styles and abilities, and our teachers' strong knowledge of child development helps them to successfully teach young children with all talents, interests and abilities. In effective inclusive programs, teachers adapt activities to include all students, even though their individual goals may be different.



A Master’s Hands is a full-service handyman and remodeling services contractor with 30 years of experience in all areas of remodeling, maintenance and construction services, including anything from electrical, plumbing, drywall, carpentry, trim work, and gutter cleaning to complete kitchen, bath and basement remodeling. AMH installs windows and doors; performs landscaping work; sprinkler system repairs; masonry, roofing and fence repairs; shelving and organization projects; general maintenance… basically anything their clients need help with.  A Master’s Hands is a one-call solution – no job is too small to consider.   AMH is fully licensed and insured, and committed to 100% client satisfaction.  We are licensed as a Class-C General Contractor, registered with the State of Colorado, and certified by ACHP as a Professional Handyman Company. The company’s team of field technicians is highly skilled, with decades of practical experience. We assist our clients in protecting their investment in their home or place of business while making it more comfortable by remodeling, repairing or replacing things that are worn or broken, or by enhancing their home or business with updated fixtures.      


Agency of Credit Control, Inc. is one of the oldest and most respected billing and debt collection service providers in the Rocky Mountain region. With an expert staff and state of the art technology, Agency of Credit Control, Inc. is able to provide its clientele superior service and performance. Agency of Credit Control serves a variety of local, regional and national clients in the healthcare, retail and utility industries.  ACC has dedicated its resources and management staff to the debt collection and outsource industry and it is this dedication that provides our clients with a level of professionalism and technical expertise unparalleled in the industry. ACC has acquired a special understanding of the needs of healthcare providers and creditors and has developed its services to cater to those needs. ACC's expertise and resources extend far beyond that of a traditional debt collection agency evolving into a highly efficient and productive service yielding returns much higher than the industry average. With over 60 years of dedicated service, Agency of Credit Control, Inc. (ACC)/Receivables Management Solutions (RMS) is a Revenue Cycle Management outsourcing and consulting firm providing any number of services to our clients ranging from day-one billing, credentialing, and claim audits to bad debt collections.   


Ambassador Painting is a Christian, family owned business offering interior and exterior house painting.  This family owned company has been in business since July, 2009 and has established an outstanding reputation for providing reliable top quality painting services to the home owners in and around the Denver-Metro area.  Ambassador Painting uses honest business practices and a focus on outstanding customer service as the foundation of their business model.  Ambassador Painting’s ethical business charter is reflected on their web page:  Ambassador Painting’s goal is “…complete customer satisfaction is not just a saying for us; in fact, it has become our passion….”  They strive to “…prove themselves to you and your neighbors…” will come back for future business.  Ambassador Painting shows a firm belief that ethical business practices are embedded in their business culture.  After negative experiences with a prior employer, Ambassador Painted was conceived to ensure that there are still ethical and honest companies that a consumer could depend on.  Ambassador Painting was built on the premise that it would someday be handed down to the family members in order to maintain the high quality of established work ethics and excellence it was built on.  


Family owned and operated for over 25 years, Apple Aire takes a whole house approach to home comfort and efficiency and we know the importance of total home comfort that the homeowners in our community strive for. Beginning as a local heating and air conditioning business, we have expanded our services to include home energy audits and full home weatherization throughout the entire Denver metro area. We stand alone from other heating/cooling or weatherization businesses because we do it all with our talented team of experts. A consumer can start and end with us when looking to improve the comfort and/or efficiency of their home. From starting with the home energy audit to adding insulation or improving their indoor air quality to replacing their inefficient furnace and air conditioner, the consumer will receive professional service throughout the entire process. Our integrity is most important in offering the very best in heating, cooling and home weatherization. We participate in the Tom Martino's radio show allowing consumers to call in and speak to us directly about ways to improve their home's energy efficiency. We love to share our knowledge and are always ready and willing to educate! 


ASAP Roofing is a full-restoration company, that focuses on providing excellent customer service, and pain-free insurance negotiating for its' customers insurance claims. After its' original start in 2003, it re-launched in 2011 under new ownership, where the structure of the company changed and expanded in order to facilitate the growing market. ASAP conducts extensive training with its employees to ensure that they are educated on all products in the market, as well as unique building code requirements in different cities, and are able to provide the best customer service that they can. With an entire, full-time office staff, ASAP also has the ability to focus more time and energy on each individual customer, so that nothing is overlooked, and to ensure that everything that goes on with the insurance company will go smoothly. 


Best Car Buys Ltd. started as an offshoot of a fruit and vegetable market located at Alameda and Clay St. Alongside the market they had a couple of vehicles for sale. After selling one, they sold two and kept going. Through several fortunate opportunities they experienced continued business growth all throughout the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. From then on they’ve created a sustainable business model servicing not only their customer’s but their employees and the community. Best Car Buys. Ltd. and First Premier Financial, Inc. (the companies) are Colorado S corporations engaged in the business of selling used automobiles in the sub-prime consumer market and warehousing and servicing loans made in connection with such impaired customers. Offering a unique blend of payment/financing options and automotive services, Best Car Buys Ltd. has weathered through economic storms as they recognize & attribute their success to their customers and employees. 


CIOMIT is a school of musical instrument repair, and offers expert repairs, high quality instrument rentals, and has a great retail section that has grown since the shop opened in 2007.  CIOMIT is a school of instrument repair and also a fully operational high level repair facility where professional and student instruments across the USA are sent for repair and restoration.   We repair and teach repair on band and orchestra instruments, guitars, and percussion. Students Learn from the best on how to repair and run a repair shop, from basic repairs, to extensive overhauls and helping customers.  The retail section of the store, sells instruments and accessories for convenience to customers. CIOMIT participates in local rental nights at schools to get quality instruments in children’s hands for learning proper instrument care, as well as learning to play music. We just don’t hand them an instrument, we explain to the parents how we differ from other companies, why to come to us, and we give instructions to help the child take their first step in learning music.   With convenience and teaching in mind, CIOMIT has 3 educational representatives that drive to local schools from as far as Adams County, to Aurora Schools, down to Colorado Springs, and can do minor repairs on site with the musical director.   


Founded in 1997, Colorado Climate Maintenance Inc. (CCM) is a leader in providing the Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas with commercial and industrial heating, venting, air conditioning (HVAC) and building automation solutions. A family-owned and operated business with humble beginnings out of the basement of the owners Pam and Sam DeAngelis, CCM has averaged a growth rate of 10% annually into a successful business with over $4 million in annual revenue.   With 16 employees and a fleet of well-equipped vehicles, CCM provides service, maintenance, controls and equipment repair to commercial and industrial clients in a variety of settings. Our goal is to save our clients money, energy and productivity while providing first-class service and expertise. Our team of client service staff and professionally-trained service technicians are dedicated to being responsive, accessible and accountable to clients’ needs and expectations 24/7, 365 days a year. Heating and cooling needs are essential to every commercial enterprise, and CCM is there when businesses need us, even before or after normal working hours.   


We are Denver, Colorado’s premier roofing company. Our team of experienced contractors and roofers have been performing new roof installations, roofing maintenance and roof repairs since 2001.  Our reputation is built on our history of excellence. We consistently deliver the highest quality roofing services available in Colorado, and we confidently stand behind our work. When we begin any project, we bring our years of experience in roofing, restoration and project management to the table for your benefit. Our clients receive a caliber of service that cannot be found elsewhere in the roofing industry.  At Core Contractors, we have the roofing contractors, roofers and staff with the experience to make your next roofing project a breeze. We are dedicated to providing service with integrity, focus and compassion, and that is why we surpass the competition. All of the roofers and staff at Core Contractors are attentive to details to ensure every project is handled with the utmost care. Our work is a team effort, and every member on the team is accountable for the group’s success, and for your satisfaction.


Diversified Radiology is a group of physicians within the specialty of radiology. We have further sub-specialty expertise in all areas of diagnostic and interventional radiology, including Breast Imaging, Body Imaging, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Neuroradiology, Pediatric Radiology, PET/Nuclear Medicine and Vascular & Interventional Radiology. Beginning in 1927 as Allen and Associates, and working out of Presbyterian Hospital in Denver, the practice has grown to one of the largest radiology practices in Colorado. Over that time frame, the practice adapted to and helped develop many of the technological advancements and practices that are commonplace in radiology today. Currently, Diversified Radiology has over 60 radiologists and proudly serves 15 Colorado hospitals and numerous other specialty practices and outpatient facilities. Our radiologists interpret exams of all types of imaging modalities, such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT/CAT Scan, MRI, PET Scan, PET/CT Scan, and more. 


Edge Pest Control performs residential and commercial pest control, lawn care, and limited animal removal services. Our residential service is designed to reduce and control many of the common pests that homeowners encounter. We strategically treat the home twice in the first four weeks, to flush out existing pests around the home and target any new pests that have hatched after the initial service. We service every twelve weeks thereafter to ensure that the barriers around the home remain active and control against pest re-entry. We also offer a free re-service guarantee between regular treatments should any issues arise. Our commercial services vary by business type, location, and need.  We consult with the business to determine the proper frequency, type, and cost of treatment on a case by case basis. We have recently started offering lawn care services. Our lawn care program uses the best products available with treatments every six weeks during the first year and every eight weeks in subsequent years. We seek to take care of our customers and provide the best results possible by using the best products, hiring the best people, and giving the best service in the industry. 


FlexJobs is an award-winning online job service specializing in professional flexible jobs, such as telecommuting, freelance, part-time, flexible, and alternative schedule job opportunities. We work with employers and job seekers who share a common belief in the benefits of flexible work and work-life balance. The majority of our listings are for jobs based in the United States, but we also post positions in Canada and abroad.  For companies that support flexible work options, FlexJobs offers a high quality candidate pool. Over 3200 employers, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, have used our site to connect with job seekers. In our pool of candidates, they find that 82% hold a college degree, while another 35% have earned a graduate degree. Additionally, 60% are looking for experienced-level jobs. In short, our job seekers are educated professionals who seek work flexibility and our employers regularly report that high satisfaction levels with hires made from FlexJobs.  FlexJobs’ job seekers benefit from our dedication to providing a safe, efficient, and effective way to find these highly desirable and professional flexible jobs. With job listings in over 50 career categories, ranging from entry-level to executive and freelance to full-time, FlexJobs provides the most extensive database of hand-screened flexible jobs and employers currently available. 


Hammersmith Management is a locally owned, privately held corporation.  Since our inception in 1981, we’ve become one of the largest and most respected community management companies in Colorado.  We provide services to communities with as few as 22 residences and as many as 5,000, ranging in type from single family homes to mid-and high-rise towers, and townhomes and condominiums.   We are Colorado’s first management company to be awarded the coveted Accredited Association Management Company® (AAMC®) designation by the Community Associations Institute (CAI) in recognition of our integrity and principles, as well as our commitment to Board member and employee education.  Today, we are proud to work with 160 non-profit Associations, employ 200 professionals, and have four satellite offices and thirty four on-site locations.   As a full-service management company, we are committed to providing platinum service to each and every client we serve.   We listen to our clients and work creatively and diligently to provide customized solutions to address each community’s needs, giving careful consideration to the culture, vision, and budget of the neighborhood.   


JF Options Jewelers – Your Trusted Jeweler – For Life.   Whether it is your first jewelry purchase, an engagement or anniversary gift, insurance replacement or restyled heirloom, Becky and Barry Baxman, owners of JF Options Jewelers will treat you like family.   A hidden gem, located in the Denver Mart, JF Option’s spacious showroom provides the privacy and space to give customers the time and service they deserve.   The Baxman’s reputation of trust, integrity and high standards gives them access to some of the world's finest designers and craftsmen and the ability to offer the finest designs and jewels at prices well below a typical retail store or website.     


Klein & Co. Corporate Housing Services, Inc. is a minority-owned full-service, national temporary housing provider. We set the high standards when providing hotel accommodations and fully furnished temporary housing for families who have been displaced from their homes. As soon as we’re contacted, our fast-acting, detailed orientated representatives begin the placement process so there is very little interruption in their everyday lives. Let us do the work. For those in need of accommodations for just a few nights, Klein & Co. provides hotel accommodations in the area of choice.  For those in need of longer term housing, Klein & Co. provides all the comforts of home and more by coordinating spacious housing environments that are a positive alternative to a hotel stay. And, because we are not property specific, we can place our clients in the area of your choice. Klein & Co. began in 1995 when Jackie Harris, President, recognized a glaring deficiency in the quality of service being provided to those in need of temporary housing. Klein & Co. was founded to meet the needs of people who value their time and desire quality service. It remains her belief that you can give clients quality and value for their dollar while still meeting the needs of the customer. Klein & Co. truly lives the experience of partnership by ensuring that our clients are fully informed at the outset and important details are not overlooked. 

Established in 2005, Larson Financial, Inc. is the vision of brothers Jack and Ron Larson who sought a better solution for taxpayers facing IRS or state tax debts. After more than a decade in the tax resolution industry, both felt that there was something missing at many of the prominent organizations representing taxpayers. Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach to debt resolution, Jack and Ron were inspired to create a firm that makes every customer feel secure and confident in their journey to a fresh start.  For the past eight years, Larson Financial has been successfully building a team of trusted and experienced professionals to provide honest answers and real solutions that work for their clients. From those humble beginnings, our staff has grown to more than 75 dedicated tax professionals. As a family owned business, the team at Larson Financial understands that behind every client there is a real person that deserves the best service and representation available. The people at Larson Financial pride themselves in giving their clients the individual attention necessary to find the right solution for their tax needs and are committed to providing an atmosphere of honesty, integrity and superior service.  

Learning Foundations was founded in 2008 by Director and CEO Jennifer Price: teacher, child development researcher, advocate, and community interventionist. Learning Foundations is located at 6075 S. Quebec St. Ste 100, Centennial, CO 80111.  Learning Foundations mission is to help students learn how to responsibly engage in the classroom and advocate for their learning needs by acquiring the skill-set necessary to perform to their highest potential.  We recognize and respect the unique learning needs of each child. As Academic Coaches, our primary mission is to nourish a love of learning in each student that fosters confidence, engagement, and success in and out of the classroom. We skillfully weave creative and interactive learning strategies into everyday academics. Students learn how to organize, prioritize, focus, and retain information more readily with personalized techniques.  For the 7th consecutive year, Learning Foundations has utilized exceptional coaching techniques to support the diverse student population in the greater Denver area.  With thousands of students seeking tutoring services each year, the professional and highly educated coaches at Learning Foundations draw some of the most challenging pupils in quest of academic success.

Our technicians are all certified clinicians and have been thoroughly trained in intraoperative monitoring.  We have a unique mix of audiologists and neurophysiologists on staff, so that monitoring by Medsurant Monitoring has the benefit of both disciplines and will result in the very highest quality of service.  We believe that our company's most important assets are the people who comprise our company and their dedication to client service.  The professionals who make up our company have decades of intraoperative neuromonitoring and neurodiagnostic experience.  We are proud of our company's accomplishments and reputation and we believe that we can provide superior neuromonitoring for your practice.  The basis of our vision and philosophy is recognition of our responsibility to the surgeons and patients using our services.  Unlike many other IOM companies, we complete a technical report following the surgery, and all of our data is interpreted by board certified neurologists. This provides the surgeon with an additional layer of protection.

Personal commitment to professional excellence, coupled with a strong desire to help others, is the common thread among the Loan Officers at NOVA. We often hear that the experiences that our clients have working with NOVA are far superior to those encountered at other lending institutions. We're proud of that difference, and of the long lasting relationships we have forged with our clients, their friends and their families! NOVA HOME LOANS has served the needs of homeowners and homebuyers since 1980. We are able to originate loans in 15 states.  In 2001, we merged our flexibility as a mortgage broker with the efficient service of a mortgage bank to create a better way of lending. Efficiency and teamwork are the keys to our accelerated loan delivery. Loan applications are handled in-house from start to finish - eliminating the need to ship your application around the country for underwriting, approval and document preparation. Our commitment to excellent customer service continues long after you have signed your closing documents.  When changes arise in interest rates or market activity that may be advantageous to you, you can be assured that we will contact you and advise you of your options.  Not only will we be your mortgage lender, we will become your one-stop mortgage information source.  With a staff of highly trained and certified professionals, we are uniquely qualified to assemble a team that will effectively meet the needs of your practice. 

Omni Financial was founded in January of 1985 in California and moved to Colorado in March of 1995.  Mission Statement  Provide superior representation through unrelenting negotiations and the unparalleled service of our dedicated employees who support the common goal of achieving the finest resolution strategy possible for our clients. As one of the most successful tax debt representation firms in the nation, Omni Financial has been resolving tax problems for over twenty five years.  Omni’s tax debt representation staff has diagnosed the tax problems of thousands of businesses and individuals.  Omni’s staff offers the most practical, least complicated, least painful, and above all most effective paths to recovery.  Omni Financial can find tax debt solutions where conventional sources have failed.  Omni’s tax debt representation staff has helped over 30,000 taxpayers.  Omni Financial employs over 150 people that do nothing other than help business owners and individuals with tax debt representation. We have skilled professionals such as Enrolled Agents and Attorneys on staff to help guide our clients out of the tax debt holding back their businesses. When our clients hire Omni Financial, they are hiring one of the most experienced, successful and ethical tax debt representation companies in the country to represent them. 

Throughout Littleton, Aurora, Denver, Arvada, Golden, Westminster, Brighton, Broomfield, Boulder, Englewood, Commerce City, Thornton, Wheat Ridge, Evergreen, Fort Morgan, Morrison, Windsor and areas beyond, our structural professionals are available to perform free evaluations and provide warranteed solutions. Many of our patented repair processes enable us to provide transferable, written warranties to our customers along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing the problem is fixed for good. Paul believes that the marketplace is a great place, maybe even the perfect place, to live out one’s ethics and values.“People matter much more than things. That's why we are not just fixing a house- we are serving the person who owns the home”. Peak Structural purpose statement guides not only the company’s interactions with the public, but permeates virtually every aspect of how our business is run.  We are a family owned business, and we operate like family. We know there is more to life than just work, and we want our to team to thrive as whole, well rounded people. When our team members are happy, it shows in their work and interactions with each other and the public. The company’s owners and managers firmly believe there is no other way to build an enduring, customer focused, profitable organization than to put people first. 

Rod and Alice Martin started a waterproofing business out of their house in 1999. They quickly realized that they were primarily in the customer service business helping homeowners protect their largest investment. It was common through the early years to hear Rod say, “whatever it takes” in regards to his customers.  The same “whatever it takes” attitude continues to permeate the culture at Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems today. The company is much larger now with over 50 employees and provides many additional services all relating to basements and foundations. There is also a more formal set of values and a mission statement that employees are trained to, but the focus on customers is still the same. We know that our customers are the most important piece to our success and we are continually striving to implement processes that insure a positive experience.

The CS Team is an established, well-known, professional, career management company in the Denver area, which is dedicated to helping position career professionals to reach their full career potential.  The CS Team’s on-going efforts to provide fair, honest and ethical services in the area has directly attributed to their success and local community awareness of their professional service offerings and career counseling capabilities.    By providing counseling, training, career coaching, consulting, and professional services, The CS Team is able to move careers to the next level via thorough career management, development and/or honing of critical skills, motivation, and optimizing career development.  The CS Team is also well-known and applauded for providing outplacement services, management training and executive coaching tailored to businesses and/or current marketable skill sets.    CEO Mark Renn and his team are dedicated to providing the best career strategy and career management services available, and Mark continually monitors and adjusts The CS Team’s professional services to remain successful and state-of-the-art in providing these services for professionals in an ever-changing marketplace.    

Top Hat File and Serve, Inc. has been providing professional support services to the legal community for 25+ years. We have over 350 years of combined legal experience.  Top Hat is capable of handling all phases of the litigation process from the issuance of court documents to the electronic filing of cases and documents utilizing Lexis/Nexis and ICCES.  Top Hat is the industry leader in speed and accuracy. By using our integrated network and state of the art technology, we are able to produce documents which fit the exacting and ever changing statutory criteria required for all jurisdictions in Colorado. We receive and transmit your documents electronically in a format acceptable by the County, District and Appellate courts. The use of sophisticated technology allows us to minimize the use of paper and other environmentally destructive products making us the greenest process serving company in Colorado.  Our statewide network of process servers allows us to accept any document for service in Colorado. 

Van Der Jagt Law Firm is a local Family Law firm located in the heart of South Denver. Culver Van Der Jagt is the principal member of the firm and contracts with any of several other local attorneys to achieve the best possible result in his cases.  We'll help you navigate through divorce, child custody, child support, mediation, alimony, property division, civil unions and other aspects of family law in Colorado. The firm's motto is "It's About Value."  We really do care about our clients and I think that makes us somewhat unique. Our Colorado attorneys represent clients in all Denver area counties, including Denver, Arapahoe, Douglas, Jefferson, Adams, Broomfield, and Boulder courts. We also offer representation throughout Colorado including Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Durango, Aspen, Telluride, Grand Junction and Vail.