Edward M. Rush, Sr. Memorial Award


In 1993, the family of Edward M. Rush, Sr., established an award honoring Mr. Rush’s memory for setting high standards for family-owned businesses. During his life, Mr. Rush was a leader in business, civic, political, religious organizations more notably serving as Chairman of the Pennsylvania Railroad Holy Name Society. The award is given annually to an outstanding family-owned and operated Better Business Bureau member that exemplifies the ideals of community and civic services.

Family Owned and Operated Since….
Edward M. Rush Sr., Memorial Award

Are you a family run business? Or, do you know of a family run business that you feel displays all of the values and standards of the mission of the Better Business Bureau?

Each year, the Better Business Bureau of Delaware honors a family-owned business. Named for Edward M. Rush, Sr., the “Rush Award” has come to signify excellence and integrity in business. Some past winners include: Delaware Today (Today Media), Jos. Frederick & Sons, and Union Park.

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