WiBN Membership

Women in Business Networking membership provides many benefits

Both WiBN members and nonmembers benefit from:

  • Enhanced professional development through WiBN events and featured speakers
  • Increased awareness of business trends and opportunities in the business community
  • Opportunities to improve networking skills


Membership Discount: Special member pricing for all BBB/WiBN branded events, up to a $300.00 value.

Communications: A variety of online communication vehicles will be offered to keep you “in the know.”

WiBNConnect:Bi-weekly newsletter delivered to all members highlighting an educational topic, upcoming BBB/WiBN events, and additional events going on in the community shared by yourself or fellow members. You will receive e-mail reminders and alerts for upcoming events and opportunities based on the interests you have shared.

Membership Directory: The online membership directory enables members to share their business and contact information. This allows for a connection throughout the entire membership-base for business development and networking opportunities.

Leadership Development: Great opportunities for personal and professional growth will be available for those who wish to participate in the Leadership Team. BBB/WiBN relies heavily on the volunteer based leadership.

BBB/WiBN Brand: All members are an extension to our brand. In turn, you can utilize the “BBB/WiBN Member” logo on organization Web sites or print materials showcasing the association with the network.

Partner programs: 

  • Receive a 25% discount on Organization Solutions LLC’s eLearning and Live Event sessions. Contact Janet Jackson to learn how to take advantage of these great discounts. office@OrganizationSolutionsLLC.com | 937-623- 1872


Individual Members


Corporate Members

$750 for up to 5 people/annually

Are you an Accredited Business or Charity seal holder with your BBB Dayton/Miami Valley? If yes, WiBN membership is included in your annual investment. If you and/or any of your employees would like to opt-into participating in and receiving the benefits of the WiBN program, please contact Melissa Cutcher.

For more information or to register as a WiBN member, either individually or as a corporate membership, please contact Melissa Cutcher at mcutcher@dayton.bbb.org or (937) 610-2273.