Bring Women in Business Networking to Your Community

Why Your Community Needs a Women’s Business Organization

With their ranks growing in C-suites, board rooms and the halls of government, women are today’s rising stars in business, nonprofit and public-sector leadership. At the same time, women entrepreneurs are launching new businesses at a rate one and one-half times greater than any other demographic group.

There’s never been a more critical time to support women in their careers and nurture their development as leaders.

That’s where Women in Business Networking can help.

What Women in Business Networking Can Do For Your Community

With WiBN in your community, you can expect much more than another networking group focused on exchanging business cards and practicing elevator speeches.

Instead, WiBN provides a warm, noncompetitive environment where women feel welcomed and comfortable. It’s a safe place where women support and encourage each other to achieve their highest potential, both professionally and personally.

Career women in your community will be enriched by the many opportunities available to them through WiBN’s offerings:

  • A variety of forums in which women can connect with other women in all career stages, including business leaders, nonprofit and government executives, entrepreneurs and professionals in transition.
  • High-quality educational opportunities to enhance women’s leadership skills, business savvy and personal development
  • Recognition programs to celebrate women’s successes
  • Networking opportunities that encourage the development of relationships – women’s preferred way to do business
  • The support of caring, like-minded women

Women thrive and grow in WiBN’s culture of respect, integrity and trust. We’ve seen it in Dayton, Ohio. And you will too – when WiBN comes to your community.

We Make it Easy to Bring Women in Business Networking to Your Community

Through the Better Business Bureau of Dayton/Miami Valley, WiBN Dayton offers you a model and all the tools needed to launch the organization in your community. We’ll even provide direct assistance to help you get established.

BBB Dayton/Miami Valley and WiBN Dayton are committed to the success of WiBN in your community. Let us support you in creating a thriving organization dedicated to helping women in professional careers to connect, grow and succeed.

Have Questions?

We’re here to help and answer your questions. Please contact Melissa Cutcher, VP Leadership & Development, at (937) 610-2273 or to learn more.