About Us


Founded by Jeanne Porter in 2008, Women in Business Networking (WiBN) is a group of diverse women in business who encourage one another’s professional growth and success. WiBN, a program of your Better Business Bureau, is based in the Miami Valley region that includes Dayton, Ohio. WiBN provides forums for building relationships so women will achieve career and personal success through education, resources and recognition.

You will find women from all walks of life.

  • Our advisory board, staff and committed leadership are a diverse and remarkable team working toward common goals. WiBN includes women of different ages, ethnic origins, economic and social backgrounds who bring with them a wealth of perspective and skills.
  • Our supporters are generous with their time, resources and ideas, actively working to improve the lives of women and girls, their families and communities in the Miami Valley area.

The intention of Women in Business Networking is to provide interactive venues where women will leave each event excited about an idea or connection; but most importantly to enable women to take the next step needed to empower within both professionally and personally.

It's important for you to leave each WiBN event feeling good about what you do in life and who you are. An important concept within WiBN is to be a connector. Connecting women to women gives opportunity for the support needed in making each woman a success. WiBN is not bound by rules of boundary, we believe that there is no competition except within ourselves. WiBN welcomes all women whether they are just entering the business world or the CEO in the corporate world.


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